Stem cell treatment for Heart in India for a patient from Kuwait was not less than a second life

Hi, my name is Hasan-Al-Bariz, I am from Kuwait, and I recently had my Stem cell treatment for Heart in India, which was certainly not less than a second life for me. All thanks to my medical tourism company in India that helps me to consider the treatment with affordable Stem cell treatment cost for Heart in India. I was bogged down with some cardiac issues in me and my doctor was suggesting me to have a surgery but I was not that pleased to get the same due to obvious complications I foresee in my case that made me think of an alternative, which he suggested in the form of stem cell treatment for the heart. I was wondering whether I could get the same in a hospital based in Kuwait. However, the skyrocketing cost in these hospitals was the deterrent factor and then I realized how about trying Stem cell treatment for Heart in India as I have heard a lot about medical tourism in this country.

The other reason why I was more interested in the option of medical tourism was after reading one success story of Stem cell treatment for Heart in India, which encouraged me to think on these lines. I then started my research to find out too many such success stories about various healthcare services including Stem cell treatment for Heart in India. I am glad that I had positive Stem cell therapy review for Heart in India to hear. That made me come across a number of medical tourism companies that had similar sort of stories to tell about the global patients from different countries including Kuwait. So, what I did was to choose the best medical tourism company that can offer me the Stem cell treatment cost for Heart in India package. Luckily things settled down as I got the best group to cater me the best solution for it.


Stem cell treatment for Heart in India was not less than a boon in terms of results and high-quality reviews I have been getting from others. I soon shared my medical reports to them to get things done right for me. The medical tourism company offered me Stem cell treatment cost for Heart in India package with affordability and the quality seemed intact. This I understood when I had the Stem cell therapy review for Heart in India that came positive for me. It was interesting to see how things started working for me. Luckily, it went smooth as I was able to get the medical visa and along with all the things I required in an alien country like India during my treatment of heart seeking the stem cell treatment.

When I reached for my Stem cell treatment for Heart in India, I found things were organized and par at my requirements. I am glad that I made the right decision. As I met the doctor, my nervousness vanished I know I can get the best quality with affordability getting Stem cell treatment cost for Heart in India with inexpensive price. My treatment started and it took a while to get rid of the Heart ailments I had. I have positive Stem cell therapy review for Heart in India seeing the best result I got with my case. I am happy with this outcome. I was kept for a while to monitor my medical conditions and when found stable, I was given the discharge that made me happy and pleasing to return to India. I am thankful to my medical tourism company for offering me affordable Stem cell treatment cost for Heart in India backed with quality.


Moving in the direction of Providing The Best Stem Cell Treatment in India


If you talk about Stem cell treatment in India, it can be called as a Miracle for Patients for any simple or dreaded ailment. The reasons are many, but we would discuss them later, first, let’s have an overview of the same. Well, the stem cell treatment can be called as an intricate procedure, which helps in fixing a number of ailments including both the dreaded one and simple like cancer and other issues. This treatment option deals with enhancing the strength of the stem cells along with fixing things right and thus giving the global patients nothing but the best result without actually worrying about the surgery and other traditional methods. Though the procedure happens to be an older one but with the gradual passage of time, one can find a number of solutions that help things in a right direction. Time to dig in deep into the system and catch the best about the same in the following paragraphs have a look at these:

Understanding Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatment can be called a collection of techniques that are intended to replace the damaged cells due to any ailment and fail to function in the right ways. Even though the methods are relatively new as compared to the traditional methods, their applications are known to offer a wide range of benefits that offer a wide range of surprising results. This is why it is called a miracle in many ways. The stem cells are often extracted from the bone marrow or the human umbilical cord. These are also called as the basic or fundamental cells found in our body and thus have the potential to develop into different types of tissue cells found in our body. These can have the right capacity to renew and proliferate themselves in an indefinite fashion and hence mature the muscle cells, blood cells and nerve cells.



In this kind of therapy, these are derived from the human body and thus kept under different conditions wherein they tend to be mature in any kind of cells, which are needed to recover from the ailment. Stem cells treatment in Delhi, India has the astounding capacity to change into any tissue or organ in your body. It is because of this one of a kind trademark that they can possibly treat more than 80 dangerous ailments, and give various advantages to the infant, its kin and the family.

The Candidates for Stem Cell Treatment

The stem cell treatment in Mumbai, India not all are considered to be the candidate for the surgery. Well, the fact of the matter the people who are suffering from different illnesses, it can be easily fixed with this procedure, which is also called the multifarious procedure. This procedure is considered to have several risks and the complications involved are also considered to check the same. The Stem Cell treatment in India is often recommended to the people who have tried all the other forms of treatment options and are unable to find positive results. One of the best candidates for Stem cell Treatment in India are the people who are known to have a good health and are known to have stem cells available from a sibling, or any family member.

Type of Stem Cell Treatment

There are several types of stem treatments that can be used to fix a wide range of diseases, which are enlisted as under. These treatment methods are used to fix a wide range of medical ailments including even cancer, cardiac issues, and other metabolic ailments. Some of the medical ailments and conditions that can be fixed as under:

• Peripheral nerve injury

• Tuberculosis

• Hair loss

• Restores eyesight

• Aid in kidney transplants

• Brain Injury

• Spinal Cord Injury

• Muscle and ligament regeneration

• Heart

• Different forms of cancer


In this way, stem cell treatment can be called as the best option to try for the global patients as it can help in fixing a wide range of health issues.

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Robotic surgery in India- The Most Effective way of dealing with medical ailments


When it comes to Robotic surgery in India, it is regarded as among the most effective ways of treating a wide range of medical ailments. So, first of all, let us understand about this surgery. It’s nothing but a surgical procedure, which involves both the advanced computer technology along with the expertise offered by the skilled surgeons. This technology offers one of the best healthcare services, which are carried out by the surgeon with their 10x magnified, 3D-image and high-definition of the body’s intricate anatomy. The surgeon is seen controlling the consoles for manipulating a number of the special surgical instrument, which may appear to be smaller but remain flexible and maneuverable when compared to the human hand. The robot is known to replicates the hand movements of the surgeon while reducing the hand tremors. The surgeon is then seen operating with the enhanced precision, skills, and control even when you are carrying out even the complex procedures. Let’s check more about Robotic surgery in India as under:

How Robotic surgery works?

If you are diagnosed with any medical condition, which would need a surgery. Till very recently one can find traditional surgical options, which comprises of surgeries carried out using big size open incision or the laparoscopy, which simply employs small size incisions but is often limited to simple kind of procedures. However, thanks to several breakthroughs found in the surgical systems, more and more global patients are getting medical solutions with higher accuracy and precision. With the robotic surgery in India, the surgeons offer the surgery with minimally invasive surgical options. So, even if you have any major surgery to perform with even the best of the accuracy, the surgery can be carried out with less amount of pain and other benefits, which include faster recovery and shorter hospital stay and return to usual activities.


The Treatment options

When it comes to treatment options or Robotic surgery in India, these are used to fix wide range issues:

• Treatments Urology
• Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction
• Prostate, Bladder & Kidney Cancer
• Congenital Defects
• Gynecology
• Vesico-Ureteric Reflux Disease
• Multiple Fibroids
• Uterine and Vaginal Prolapse
• Uterine and Cervical Cancer
• Endometriosis
• Ovarian Cyst
• Vesico-Vaginal Fistula
• Cardiology
• Mitral and Aortic Valve Disease
• Atrial Septal Defects
• Coronary Artery Disease
• Liver Disease
• Gastroenterology and Hepatology
• Colon and Rectal Cancer
• Gastric Cancer
• Obesity & Metabolic Disorders
• Esophageal disorders

The Advantages of Robotic Surgery

When it comes to Robotic Surgery in India, there are several benefits, which include the following:

• You get the Faster Recovery
• Reduced risk of wound infection
• Reduced hospital stay
• Long-term weight loss
• Minimal blood loss during surgery
• Less visible scars
• Less damage to healthy tissue
• Resolution of Co-Morbidities
• Better cancer control
• Faster return to continence
• Faster recovery of sexual function

Why Robotic surgery in India?

When it comes to Robotic surgery in India, there are several benefits that can invite global patients far and wide. Some of the key reasons include getting high-quality robotic surgery in India with affordable cost. There are so many hospitals and clinics that remain at the top having the best of the facilities governed by state of art technology. These hospitals and clinics are known to have the best doctors and medical team who are highly skilled and experienced in many ways. Indian hospitals with these features have been attracting the global patients far and wide and the cost goes so less when compared to the developed nations like the US and the UK that even people from these countries do also visit for a wide range of healthcare services including the robotic surgery in India.

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Stem Cell Treatment in India: An effective way to treat a wide range of medical ailments


Before we discuss about the Stem Cell Treatment Cost in India we need to know about this therapy first. This is treatment option seeking the help of stem cells found in our body. This medical science has been into the practice since long and thousands of years, however, in the modern times, it has developed a lot thanks to the number of inventions and research work that has shaped it up in a big way. The therapy is carried out for preventing the stem cells in the same group, while it is primarily carried out for preventing and treating the health conditions. Of late, the Stem Cell Treatment in India has become popular in the country for a number of benefits, which attract global patients all across the world.

What are stem cells, and why are they important?

The stem cells can be called as a kind of cells, which are developed into various types of cells. The stem cells can help in renewing themselves with the help of dividing and making even the inactive ones that has remained in this state from long. When we see the stem cell dividing the new cells, these could either turn up stem cells or specific cells like brain cell or blood cell or even a muscle. The stem cells are even called as the undifferentiated cell as it has the tendency of becoming another type of cell. On the contrary, the blood cells for instance can be called differentiated cell simply due to the any particular type of cell.

Types of stem cell

The kind of Stem Cell Treatment in India you would consider would much depend upon the right usage of stem cell in the said treatment of your body. Hence it becomes important to know the types of stem cells, which are indicated as under:

Totipotent stem cells- These remain singling out over the embryonic and extra-embryonic cell types; while these can even construct a complete organism.

• Pluripotent stem cells- These are called as the descendants of the stem cells; which can be differentiated in different types of cells that remained derived from any of the three different germ layers.

• Multipotent stem cells – These cells are differentiated into a smaller and close number of the group of cells.

• Oligopotent stem cells – These help in distinguishing into few types of cell

• Unipotent cells – These help in producing the different types of cell the remains self-renewing.


Benefits of stem cell treatment

When it comes to the benefits attached to this treatment option there are many. In fact you get more benefits rather than getting affordable Stem Cell Treatment Cost in India. The stem cells have the capacity of becoming and converting any kind of cell, which is an important feature of these cells that help in taking back the right shape and thus fixing a wide range of medical ailments. The fact of the matter is one can find a wide range of medical ailments that can be easily fixed seeking the help of stem cell treatment in India.

Get more information & free consultation with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultant

Getting Stem Cell Treatment in India has become simple as we have the presence of competent medical tourism companies like Dheeraj Bojwani Group. The group is known to help the global patients in many ways. These include giving them the best doctor for the treatment to getting them treated at the best of the medical centers or hospitals that are known to offer one of the best results. It offers the most affordable Stem Cell Treatment Cost in India packages for the global patients, which is one of the reasons of becoming popular in the domain of the global patients.

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Spinal fusion surgery and benefits of spinal fusion surgery in India


The spinal cord is the main pathway connecting the brain to the peripheral nervous system. It is usually a sudden, traumatic blow to the spine that leaves the vertebrae with some injuries like a fracture or dislocated vertebrae. These injuries could be temporary or permanent. Spinal fusion surgery is basically performed to fix the painful vertebral segment. Despite achieving a successful fusion, there is a risk of clinical failure. Each of the spinal fusion surgery needs bone grafting. It could be autograft or allograft. There are multiple approaches that can be used by your physician.

Different types of spinal fusion surgeries: There are multiple approaches that can be used by your physician. Spinal Fusion Surgery India is known for its low cost and world-class attending surgeons and coordinating staff.

• Posterolateral gutter fusion
• Posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF)
• Anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF)
• Anterior/posterior spinal fusion
• Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF)
• Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF)

Procedure: Spinal Fusion Surgery India involves using bone graft to cause two vertebral bodies to grow together into one long bone. Bone graft can be taken from the patient’s hip (autograft bone) during the spine fusion surgery, harvested from cadaver bone (allograft bone), or manufactured (synthetic bone graft substitute). Low-Cost Spinal Fusion Surgery India is one of the main endeavors that have made India more accepted as spinal fusion surgery hub.

Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery: Spinal fusion surgery is an attempt to painful vertebral segment, which in turn should decrease pain generated from the joint. Spinal Fusion Surgery India includes following steps during the process of lumbar spine fusion surgery:

• Adding bone graft to a segment of the spine.
• A biological response is set that causes the bone graft to grow between the two vertebral elements to create a bone fusion.
• The bone fusion – which results in one fixed bone replacing a mobile joint – stops the motion at that joint segment.

Bone Grafting: It is a surgical procedure in which the fractured bone is repaired by replacing the missing bone. Bone has a regeneration ability of its own but given a very little fractured space and some scaffold to do so. Osteoconduction, osteoinduction, osteogenesis is the basic principle that participates in successful bone graft. As the native bone grows it will grow it will generally replace the graft material completely.


Cost of spinal fusion surgery in India: Though the surgery cost may differ from city to city in India it is certainly less as compared to developed western countries. Low-cost spinal fusion surgery India ranges from $6,000 to $7,500. However, the same procedures cost up to $30,000-$32,000 in developed nations. As it is already being in focus about the risk related to spine surgeries, so low price tags are not the only quality that patients think about. Highly trained and skilled surgeons, excellent infrastructure, good post-op care for a successful outcome are also the decisive factor that patient aboard look forward to. Since India is amongst the best in the world and the lowest in terms of cost of spinal fusion surgeries, attracted people across the world.

Recovery time

The patient is more likely to get a discharge within 2-3 days. Spinal Fusion Surgery Benefits India is the hospital time is very less. The recovery might take 1-4 weeks after being discharged from the hospital. Spine fusion surgery India estimated 1-3 months post-surgery recovery time.

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LIBERATION TREATMENT FOR MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS INDIA: Though many researchers doubt the legitimacy of CCSVI and its connection to multiple sclerosis a surgical procedure called venous angioplasty, also known as liberation therapy Increase the blood circulation and may reduce inflammation in the brain and reduce symptoms of multiple sclerosis. This process involves opening up a vein and inserting a small balloon into the vein to keep it open. There are certain risks associated with this therapy are as follows:

• Blood clot
• Abnormal heartbeat
• Separation of vein
• Infection
• Vein rupture


In multiple sclerosis, the immune system attacks the myelin sheath of the nerve cells which act as the protective sheath of the nerve cells which causes miscommunication between the brain and the rest of the body. It is potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord i.e. central nervous system. Eventually, the nerve cells itself deteriorate and become damage permanently. Sign and symptoms may vary widely depends on which nerve is affected.

Some symptoms may include: 

• Numbness and weakness in one or both limbs
• Partial or complete loss of vision usually starts at one eye first or prolonged double vision
• Slurred speech, fatigue and Dizziness
• Problem with bowl and bladder function.



The process is developed by an Italian researcher involving venoplasty of certain veins in an attempt to improve blood flow. It refers to the narrowing of veins in the neck, this leads to low blood flow to the brain and spinal cord. As a result, it triggers pressure and inflammation. It is said that reduced blood flow contributes to multiple sclerosis. This disease attacks and destroys nerve linings in the brain and spinal cord causing lesions in that area.
COST OF LIBERATION TREATMENT IN INDIA: Liberation treatment in India is quite affordable as compared to other western countries. We have skilled surgeons and world-class hospital infrastructure facilities. For Low Cost Liberation Treatment in India patient travels from almost every part of the world to take advantages of the treatments here. In India, the rates of the liberation treatment are almost 40%-60% less as compared to other countries.


TOP HOSPITAL FOR LIBERATION TREATMENT: The following hospitals are known for their skilled surgeons and world-class infrastructure. Even the costs of the surgeries are very pocket- friendly are some of the advantages of liberation treatment in India.

• Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore, India
• Apollo Hospital, Chennai, India
• Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, India
• Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, India
• Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata, India
• Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, India
• Fortis Hospital, Delhi, India
• Fortis Hospital, Mohali, India
• Fortis Hospital, Noida, India
• Escorts Heart Institute Hospital, Delhi, India
• Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon ( Delhi), India

India is one of the new and the most affordable destinations for surgeries. The traveling and accommodation charges are convenient and low here too. As the economy of scale is large the cost and time involved to meet the doctors are less. We provide comprehensive medical tourism packages guiding patients all the way till the end of their surgeries.

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Liberation Treatment in India – New Hope for Multiple Sclerosis Patients


The treatment called Liberation treatment is a specialized method to treat patients with multiple sclerosis. It all started in the recent past and soon turned out to be the most popular choice for people keen to get rid of the issues like Multiple Sclerosis. It was Dr. Paola Zamboni who developed this method who happened to be a former vascular surgeon and taught at the University of Ferrara at the Northern Italy. Since it was a big hit to treat the patients with MS and Liberation Treatment in India also become popular amongst the global patients who visit this place for high quality and affordable health care services. In fact, Liberation Treatment in India has been very much popular among the overseas patients coming from different directions.


Role of Liberation Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis

Constriction due to Multiple Sclerosis is often called as the hurdle to vascular network that come straight from the brain. Owing to the pliant nature of the veins, it is very much visible to see stenosis. For correcting the same, the idea of liberation treatment in India is recommended as the best option to free up the flow of blood from the brain. This surgery plays an important party to remove the blockages found in the venal system. The gathering of waste and tainted blood inside the brain simply leaves the iron deposits found in the cells, which leads to cell generation as the brain cells are severely affected.

What are the different types of Liberation Treatment?

When it comes to the types of liberation treatment in India options, there are two types discussed as under:

Balloon Angioplasty : It is a form of treatment that helps in widening the deformed and collapsed veins, which have got damaged due to CCSVI. The treatment is popular at many places considering its effective results.

CCSVI Treatment : This treatment option helps in inserting the tubes inside the vein in order to refortify the structure for making the blood flow normal. This kind of liberation treatment in India helps in applying the stent over the damaged areas with the removal of blockages or at the very same time it helps in preventing the blood back.

Benefits Liberation Treatment in India

When it comes to getting liberation treatment in India, there is no dearth of benefits attached to the same. Some of these are discussed below.


medical-tourism-indiaaWell if you check India in perspective of medial tourism industry, it has a good position at the top. Getting the Liberation treatment in India is certainly not an exception. One can find one of the best health care services here in India seeking the help of highly competitive doctors and surgeons who leave no stone unturned to give you nothing but the best to the global patients. Thanks to the huge amount of hospitals that have been built up all these years that promise nothing but the best and the most affordable kind of health care services.

Personalized Care

dheeraj-bojwani1One of the benefits the global patients can enjoy with liberation treatment in India is that you get to see the most personalized kind of care. The health care services here come along with personalized care, which play a vital role in giving nothing but the best of the health care services.

Best Medical Facility

dheeraj-bojwani2In terms of medical facilities the hospitals in India catering the liberation treatment in India come along with the state of art facilities. These include having one of the best machines and infrastructure that play a vital role in fixing any ailment including the liberation treatment in India.

Affordable Cost

dheeraj-bojwani3Interestingly, the liberation treatment in India or any other health care services in this country come along with great quality without charging much to the global patients. A simple comparison of liberation treatment in India with the US would indicate the difference tolling to 70 to 90 percent difference that give enough reasons to the global patients to plan their surgeries here in this country.

Expected Results

Of course the expected results after the liberation treatment in India come along with great success rate as the very reason that it is carried out with greater accuracy and precision. The high quality health care services lead to the better results, which are hard to find out at any other place in the world.


Final Verdict

Liberation treatment in India proves out to be a boon to global patients who look for a high quality solution at much of the affordable cost. So, what are you looking for, plan your surgeries here in India and get the best at much of the affordable cost.

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Best Medical treatment for Disc Replacement Surgery in India at Affordable Price and High Quality Procedure

disc replacemnt


The inter-vertebral disc happens to be a soft tissue, which is found in between the spinal bones (two vertebrae). The inter-vertebral disc comprises of a soft jelly kind of substances that are surrounded by different layers found in collagen tissue. In a healthy state, the nucleus is seen very much hydrated and thus is seen acting like a shock absorber. However at times, it can be seen with some amount of degeneration due to a number of causes including accident and other shocks. This can therefore lead to injury demanding for a surgery all together called disc replacement surgery. Now if you talk about the disc replacement surgery in India, it is increasingly becoming popular among the people of global destinations for the reason that they are able to find high quality and affordable solutions. Time to look at this in detail as under:

Why disc replacement surgery?

When it comes to disc replacement surgery, it deals with removal of the painful and degenerated disc that can play a vital role in reducing the same that is found in the form of back pain and movement restoration with the help of using the spine using any artificial disc. The three piece prosthesis comprises of a two cobalt and chromium molybdenum plates that are spray coated with titanium, which are clubbed to the vertebrae seeking the keel. The plastic core is then located in the above said two metal gals that help in making things possible with spinal mobility this is how the disc replacement surgery in India works.

Disc replacement surgery Procedure

discWhen it comes to disc replacement surgery in India, it starts with general anesthesia and patient is laid over the back.  The surgeon then makes 7 to 10 cm incision over the abdomen area along with accessing the abdominal muscles are then retracted to the side. The abdominal content are then lay inside the big size sack and it is then retracted for getting the access of the front side of the spine. The large size blood vessels are seen continuing to the legs that are seen laying over the front of the spine along with moving out of the way in order to get the access of the spine. Once the blood vessels are seen moving aside, the inter-vertebral discs are then inserted and then followed by the plastic core.  The incisions are then closed along with the dis-solvable sutures and ten then the surgeon removes the drain tube along with the blood that gets collected over the surgical site.


After the surgery you are shifted to the recovery room wherein you would be given some medication for addressing the post surgical pain and then you are moved to the general ward wherein again you are monitored for a while giving you the discharge at the end. However, after your disc replacement surgery in India after you come at home, you need to remain physical active and talking small size walks; one can have a good time in the healing process.

Disc replacement surgery in India

When it comes to Indian hospitals, they offer the global patients outstanding health care services, which is 50 to 70 percent less in terms of cost as compared to the US. The Disc Replacement Surgery India is carried out at world class hospitals that are approved by groups like JCI that speak volumes about the quality health care services. On the part of doctor and orthopedic surgeons who deal with these surgeries, they have ample amount of experience and expertise that lead no room to render you nothing but the best of the services. Therefore the global patients have enough reasons to plan for their surgeries and treatments in India.

Disc Replacement Surgery India low cost with high quality Medical treatment


Call it disc replacement or disc prosthesis, spine arthroplasty, or artificial disc; these are one and the same thing. It is among the newly introduced surgical procedure that helps in relieving the lower back pain.  The disc replacement surgery is carried out over the lumbar spine or over the cervical spine.  Well, if you talk about India, it has become the home of these surgical procedures. The disc replacement surgery India has gained popularity for the reason that the global patients get high quality and affordable services with great ease and care. The presence of top doctors and surgeons along with competitive hospitals also draw loads of global patients all across the world. In other terms, one can get high quality and affordable health care services along with an opportunity to do wonders in this domain. Time to check the disc replacement surgery India as under:

Disc Replacement Surgery

Types Of Disc Replacements

When it comes to the disc replacement surgery India, there are two types:

  • The total artificial disc replacement that deals with a procedure that are meant to ease the painful disc that is replaced with an artificial disc
  • The disc nucleus replacement that happens to be a procedure that has the inner portion of the disc known as the nucleus that is replaced with a device

Am I Candidate for Disc Replacement Surgery?

If you are among the people who all is experiencing from back pain that is mostly owing to 1 or 2 inter vertebral disks found over the lumbar spine. Or if you have an insignificant bony compression of nerves or facet joint disease, you need the disc replacement surgery India. Also, you shouldn’t have any prior major surgery over your lumbar spine but still experience pain or the one with no scoliosis then you become the candidate for Disc Replacement Surgery.

Diagnosis of Disc Problems

For diagnosing the problem, the doctor hen reported with the back pain symptoms are seen carrying out the following test:

The doctor would carry out your clinical diagnosis for finding out the exact cause of the pain of the back, nerve, neck and other symptoms.

  • The doctor then carries out a physical examination and laboratory tests that are done as per the symptoms of the patient
  • The doctor would carry out a test that includes checking out of the functioning of the nerve in certain body parts including legs or arms. The doctor will then tap over your specific body part with the diagnostic hammer in order to check the patient’s reflexes, the weak reflexes or total absence of reflexes found in the patient indicates a compressed nerve.
  • The doctor is then seen to check for your muscle strength for finding out if there is any muscle atrophy or not, along with finding out the twitching or abnormal movements.
  • The doctor would then check for the feeling you have in the affected area since it can help you in identifying the right location of the pain and its type. Unlike the sacroiliac joint pain is seen increasing while the straightening of your leg or pressure & pain is going to be experienced at the lower back that can help the doctor to find out the exact location of the pain.

Life after Disc Replacement Surgery

If you talk about the disc replacement surgery, it can be called fall under the in-patient procedure, that mean you need to stay in the hospital for 4 to 5 days after surgery. The very same day, the doctor may ask you to stand on your feet. And after one or two weeks, you can gradually resume your normal activities; however, these will come with few limitations. After 8 to 10 weeks, you can find completely resuming your routine work. And considering the Life after Disc Replacement Surgery India more and more global patient are enjoying the benefit that are hard to find at developed nation.

Why Patient Come to India for their Disc Replacement Surgery

A disc replacement surgery is one of the most innovative and modern treatment in which a disc, soft material between the two vertebrae is removed and the space is packed with the bone graft. Over a period of time, the bone creates a solid bony bridge across the two vertebrae by doing away with the movement and the previously experienced painful segment is made pain free.


The reasons for choosing a Low cost Disc Replacement Surgery India will vary for each condition suffered by the patient. Usually, if the pain is caused by the affected disc which has not been reduced enough with the non-surgical treatments such as injections, medications, physical therapy then your doctor will suggest to undergo a disc replacement surgery in India. Several conditions such as an osteoporosis, spondylolisthesis, allergy to the materials in the device, vertebral body fracture, spinal infection, spinal tumor, significant changes of the facet joint, chronic steroid use or autoimmune problems, pregnancy, etc. will prevent you from receiving a disc replacement.

When a fusion surgery is performed even if the pain symptoms go away, the vertebrae surrounding the disc space are immobilized and this will typically limit flexibility in that area of the spine. The disc replacement design allows the spine to move. Patients have been observed to have motion between 0 and 21 degrees while bending forward and backward. Another advantage of getting a disc replacement surgery with the artificial disc is that no bone graft is required.

Patients come to India for a disc replacement surgery due to availability of medical facilities at highly economical budget. During the last few years, medical tourism in India has grown considerably and various Indian hospitals have state of the art facilities which are abreast with the latest technology. English language is widely spoken in India which makes the communication easy for the international patients coming from across the globe.

At Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants, there is a pool of world class spine surgeons and competent orthopedic team in India who are trained from the best medical institutions from abroad. The medical team in India performing the disc replacement is excellent and offers world class medical facilities and services. They are qualified from the prestigious medical institutions and universities from across the globe that are popular for imparting quality education. The surgeons in India have a vast experience to handle the complex problems by offering excellent solutions.


Besides the disc replacement surgery in India, the patients can avail the opportunity to a leisure package in which they can rejuvenate and take pleasant memories to their home. The hospitals and clinics in India offering the disc replacement surgery are spread across different cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Nagpur, etc. Our health care professionals treat with the most advanced medical amenities in the world and render additional warmth and care to the global patients during their disc replacement surgery in India.

The global patients seeking their disc replacement surgery in India helps to save tens and thousands of dollars since the cost of a disc replacement surgery in India is about 60 to 80 percent than in the other developed nations. Here low cost does not equate to any compromise in the quality of medical treatments and services but the lower operation costs at different healthcare systems and lower medical malpractice costs. Contact Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India by filling up our inquiry form to get your cost effective disc replacement surgery which cost 11,000 USDs only while it will cost you about 55,000 USDs in the USA.