4 Month Old Boy Who Suffered 40 Seizures A Day with Epilepsy Surgery

A four month old baby boy, Naksh Mandrekar from Goa is among the youngest in India to undergo an epilepsy surgery which was required since he suffered around 40 seizures a day. Mr. Narayan, father of Naksh said that his son who was given six anti-epilepsy medicines a day till doctors at KEM Hospital operated on him on October 3, did not have had a single seizure and now smiles and plays with us.

According to the Head of Neurology at KEM Hospital, Dr. Sangeeta Ravat, “Naksh is the youngest of 558 epilepsy surgery patients in the past 15 years.” Epilepsy is a neurological disorder affecting one in every 200 people. Around 20 to 30 percent of these patients require surgery but the number of operated patients in India is quite low. The main reason behind this is due to presence of a only a handful of centres offering the epilepsy surgery. As per Dr. Pradnya Gadgil of Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, where a eight month old boy was the youngest to undergo epilepsy surgery in 2016, “It’s not being done as commonly as it should be.”

To narrate Naksh’s story, he started suffering 40 seizures from the fourth day after his birth. When even after taking six anti-epileptic medicines a day couldn’t control the seizures, doctors in Goa told his father to take him to Mumbai for operation. First the Mandrekars went to two private hospitals, but then opted to KEM Hospital when they couldn’t afford the bills. Mr. Narayan who works in a shop said that all this roaming took over three months.

epilepsy surgery

Naksh was admitted to a semi public hospital and then transferred to KEM on October 2 for neurosurgery in India. Dr. Ravat and neurosurgeon, Dr. Dattatraya Muzumdar of KEM Hospital said that surgery should be offered at the earliest to children with severe epilepsy so that the damage to their brain can be checked at the earliest. Dr. Muzumdar said, “In the West, it is now accepted that surgery for children under three years of age helps to preserve their cognitive skills.” According to Dr. Gadgil, “The American Academy of Neurology recommends surgery to patients whose seizure cannot be controlled with two medicines daily.”

During Naksh’s first month, his parent’s noticed that his left eye, hand and leg would get deviated several times a day. Narayan said that this happened every few minutes and doctors diagnosed this as seizures.

Dr. Muzumdar, “Naksh’s scans revealed that he had fronto-central cortical dysplasia which is the common cause for epilepsy.” Dr. Ravat said, “We did a comprehensive video EEG (electroencephalography) to locate the chunk in the right side that was causing the seizures.” He added that neither the memory nor visual sites in the brain were affected. His father said that now he feeds from a spoon and smiles at us when we talk to him and he is happy with his son’s progress.

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Best Neurosurgeons in India stand for Quality & Affordable Medical Services

Best Neurosurgeons in India


When it comes to the neurosurgeons, these are medical professionals that treat a number of medical conditions related to the nervous system, spinal column and skull. The field of medicine is often called as the most complex one in the medical sciences considering the complicated functionality of brain and nervous system. There is a massive amount of changes have taken place in the sector of health care especially in the developed nations like the US or the UK. This has therefore inflated the health care cost in these countries, which has led the global patients to find out a high quality and affordable care services. Luckily, India falls under this category wherein the global patients get high quality neurological services seeking top notch Neurosurgeons India. Time to dig in deep into the following paragraphs and see how Indian neurosurgeons can play a role in fixing the neurological disorders as under:

What is Neurosurgery?

NeurosurgeryWell Neurosurgery in India can be called as a medical specialty, which deals with diagnosing and treating the people with neurological disorder along with rehabilitating them from the same that hampers the nervous system the most. These include affecting the spinal column, spinal cord, brain, extra cranial cerebral vascular system and peripheral nerves. Of late, the specialization of neurology has undergone a massive change since the Harvey Rushing days. The modern day Neurosurgeons India has made their job a bit comprehensive, which has therefore given the idea of minimally invasive neurosurgery and the goal of the treatment is not just to save the lives of patients but at the same time restore the functions of the body parts that fall in the nervous system. This way they have embarked with the idea of reducing the pain while carrying the treatment but also given them additional benefits like less stay in hospital and making people free from the discomfort in many ways.

Neurosurgeons India at a Glance

The Neurosurgeons are medical professionals who are people who are competent enough to specialize in treating and fixing the nervous system that surrounds the structure. The idea of the neurosurgeon is to maintain the blood flow along with maintaining the oxygen level in the brain apart from boosting up the chances of survival and recovery. The top neurosurgeons in India are known to handle a number of procedures including the most advanced ones like the cyber knife and gamma knife procedures which are regarded as the most advanced procedures that need competence and expertise. These doctors in India are known to carry out endovascular image guided procedures that are known to treat a number of ailments like carotid stenosis, AVMs, strokes, aneurysms and diagnostic angiography. If you want to sum up about the neurosurgeons India then these can be jotted down in the following ways”

  • They are masters in general surgery followed by specialization degrees in neurosurgery
  • They hold a number of other degrees as well from reputed medical colleges and global hospitals
  • They are known to have global fellowship and training programs
  • They have been publishing a number of papers in popular and reputed medical journals and magazines
  • Lastly, they have a huge clinical and surgical experience that makes them competent to handle both simple and complex neurological surgeries

Best Neurosurgeons in India

Why choose Neurosurgeons India?

Well, when it comes to relying over the medical experts like the neurosurgeons India, there is no dearth of reasons to rely on them. They are highly skilled, expert in their specialization, have ample amount of experience and exposure in dealing with a wide range of neurological disorder and ailments along with having highly competitive edge in their treatment pattern. They have been constantly honing their surgical skills, which make them the right people to be consulted for fixing the neurological disorder. In other words, they treat the global patients with great care, professionalism and competence unveiling all the things that are hard to find in any other country in the east.

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Increasing survival rates for children, and adults experiencing an injury or illness in the nervous system, has resulted in more people with permanently dysfunctional nervous systems. In response, numerous treatments have been developed. Neurology provides care to patients with diseases of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, or muscles. Some of the most common illnesses or conditions that can be treated by neurosurgery in India include herniation of the spinal disc, spinal stenosis, brain hemorrhages, skull fractures, brain tumors, infections, aneurysms, stroke, some types of epilepsy (usually those that cannot be treated with medication alone or that do not respond to medication at all), cancer pain, nervous system malformation, Moyamoya disease, and Spina Bifida.
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What is Neurosurgery?

Neourosurgery in india

Neurosurgery is the surgical treatment of all illnesses of the brain, spinal cord, central, and peripheral nervous system. This includes the treatment of brain tumors, blood vessel illnesses, epilepsy, movement disorders, trauma, infection, disc and bone disease in the spine, problems with peripheral nerves, including release of compression (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), removal of nerve tumors, and nerve biopsy for the diagnosis of complex peripheral nerve disorders.

What is Functional Neurosurgery?
Functional neurosurgery is the surgical treatment of certain neurological disorders, notably movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and dystonia. Some neurosurgeries are both “functional” and “stereotactic,” like deep brain stimulation, which is currently the neurosurgery of choice in the treatment of movement disorders.
What is Stereotactic Neurosurgery?
Stereotactic neurosurgery uses imaging studies (MRI and/or CT) to identify discrete target locations and guide the approach to the target, typically through a very small opening in the skull, called a burr hole.
What is Pediatric Neurosurgery?
Pediatric neurosurgery is a subspecialty in the field of general neurosurgery that focuses on the care of infants, children and young adults with surgically treatable diseases of the brain and spine.
Preparing for Neurosurgery in India
There are several things you can do to prepare for any type of neurological surgery. Your physician will give you exact instructions on how to prepare for your neurosurgery in India based on your diagnosis, what type of procedure you are having, and any other health factors. Some of these things often include discontinuing aspirin or other blood thinners several days before your surgery. It is best if you quit smoking. Be sure to arrange to have someone to take you home from the hospital and to be with you for the first few days after your surgery. You may want to have some meals already prepared so that you will not have to exert yourself cooking.
Neurosurgery Doctors in India
Neurosurgery doctors that specialize in this field of medicine are called neurosurgeons. Neurosurgeons focus on disorders of the nervous system, brain, pituitary gland, spinal cord and spinal column. Conditions regularly treated by neurosurgeons are aneurysms (strokes), epilepsy, ruptured discs in the back, brain tumors, pinched nerves carpal tunnel syndrome, and spasms. Procedures commonly performed by neurosurgery doctors include: brain aneurysm surgery (stroke surgery), brain tumor surgery, spine surgery (laminectomy, discectomy, microdiscectomy, spinal fusion), and sterotactic radiosurgery. Neurosurgery doctors may sub-specialize in pediatric neurosurgery, neurocritical care, functional and stereotactic surgery, surgical neuro-oncology, neurovascular surgery, interventional neuroradiology, or skull base surgery.