Disc Replacement Surgery COST in India


When we find the spine being the most complex organ in our body at the same time, it happens to be the strongest one in our body. Even a minor accident can cause a couple of problems in it. The disc found in it is made up of soft material that remains inside the two vertebrae. When these are affected, one can fix it with a couple of non-surgical options and if things do not work, these can end up with surgical options. India now has become a home for a number of healthcare services and getting disc replacement surgery is no exception. It attracts the global patients all over the world after all they get the low cost disc replacement surgery India with great care, professionalism and affordability that becomes a rare blend to get. Let’s have a look at this surgery in the following paragraphs:

What is disc replacement surgery?

discreplacement surgery

When it comes to disc replacement surgery is concerned, it is regarded as one of the most modern and innovative treatment option, which is found in this country. In the low cost disc replacement surgery India, the surgeon is seen replacing the damaged discs along with removing the space that is packed with the bone graft. In a course of time, the bone is seen creating a solid bony bridge all over the two vertebrae and with the previously painful segment; the surgery becomes pain free option to consider.

Why disc replacement surgery is carried out

The key reason for choosing to replace this disc may vary from one condition to the other. Usually the pain is caused owing the affected disc, which has not been getting reduced to enough amounts of nonsurgical treatment options like medication, physical therapy, injections while the doctor is seen suggesting or the disc replacement surgery. There are a number of conditions, which may prevent the person from receiving a disc replacement for issues like spondylolisthesis including the one called the slipping of one vertebral body found all over the lower one, vertebral body fracture, osteoporosis, allergy to a number of materials in the device, spinal infection, spinal tumor, morbid obesity, significant changes of the facet joints, pregnancy, chronic steroid that is seen using or autoimmune problems. The Low Cost Disc Replacement Surgery India thus becomes simple for one and all that come along with high quality.

The types of disc replacement surgery

When it comes to the types of the disc replacement surgery there are different types, which include the following:

  • Total disc replacement
  • Disc Nucleus replacement

Life after Disc Replacement surgery

Once you get the Low Cost Disc Replacement Surgery India you get the pain relief that further reduces the degeneration of the day to day activities found over the spine surgery. Though both the above said surgery options are seen giving pain relief and stability the spinal fusion over the vertebrae can be seen using this surgery. With the help of this surgery one end up getting the reduction of pain for a longer run for the issue that can be seen making things better.

Disc Replacement Surgery in India

One of the striking features of healthcare services in Indian hospitals is the availability of low cost disc replacement surgery India, which is not the case with the other places. The Indian hospitals are equipped with one of the best of facilities that is being governed by state of art technology. The spine surgeons and other medical experts are known for their highly competitiveness and professionalism.  This is the key reason why more and more global patients are looking out for India for the disc replacement surgery and other procedures in this country as they very well know that they get high quality services at much of the affordable cost.