Why Patient Come to India for their Disc Replacement Surgery

A disc replacement surgery is one of the most innovative and modern treatment in which a disc, soft material between the two vertebrae is removed and the space is packed with the bone graft. Over a period of time, the bone creates a solid bony bridge across the two vertebrae by doing away with the movement and the previously experienced painful segment is made pain free.


The reasons for choosing a Low cost Disc Replacement Surgery India will vary for each condition suffered by the patient. Usually, if the pain is caused by the affected disc which has not been reduced enough with the non-surgical treatments such as injections, medications, physical therapy then your doctor will suggest to undergo a disc replacement surgery in India. Several conditions such as an osteoporosis, spondylolisthesis, allergy to the materials in the device, vertebral body fracture, spinal infection, spinal tumor, significant changes of the facet joint, chronic steroid use or autoimmune problems, pregnancy, etc. will prevent you from receiving a disc replacement.

When a fusion surgery is performed even if the pain symptoms go away, the vertebrae surrounding the disc space are immobilized and this will typically limit flexibility in that area of the spine. The disc replacement design allows the spine to move. Patients have been observed to have motion between 0 and 21 degrees while bending forward and backward. Another advantage of getting a disc replacement surgery with the artificial disc is that no bone graft is required.

Patients come to India for a disc replacement surgery due to availability of medical facilities at highly economical budget. During the last few years, medical tourism in India has grown considerably and various Indian hospitals have state of the art facilities which are abreast with the latest technology. English language is widely spoken in India which makes the communication easy for the international patients coming from across the globe.

At Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants, there is a pool of world class spine surgeons and competent orthopedic team in India who are trained from the best medical institutions from abroad. The medical team in India performing the disc replacement is excellent and offers world class medical facilities and services. They are qualified from the prestigious medical institutions and universities from across the globe that are popular for imparting quality education. The surgeons in India have a vast experience to handle the complex problems by offering excellent solutions.


Besides the disc replacement surgery in India, the patients can avail the opportunity to a leisure package in which they can rejuvenate and take pleasant memories to their home. The hospitals and clinics in India offering the disc replacement surgery are spread across different cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Nagpur, etc. Our health care professionals treat with the most advanced medical amenities in the world and render additional warmth and care to the global patients during their disc replacement surgery in India.

The global patients seeking their disc replacement surgery in India helps to save tens and thousands of dollars since the cost of a disc replacement surgery in India is about 60 to 80 percent than in the other developed nations. Here low cost does not equate to any compromise in the quality of medical treatments and services but the lower operation costs at different healthcare systems and lower medical malpractice costs. Contact Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India by filling up our inquiry form to get your cost effective disc replacement surgery which cost 11,000 USDs only while it will cost you about 55,000 USDs in the USA.


Disc Replacement Surgery COST in India


When we find the spine being the most complex organ in our body at the same time, it happens to be the strongest one in our body. Even a minor accident can cause a couple of problems in it. The disc found in it is made up of soft material that remains inside the two vertebrae. When these are affected, one can fix it with a couple of non-surgical options and if things do not work, these can end up with surgical options. India now has become a home for a number of healthcare services and getting disc replacement surgery is no exception. It attracts the global patients all over the world after all they get the low cost disc replacement surgery India with great care, professionalism and affordability that becomes a rare blend to get. Let’s have a look at this surgery in the following paragraphs:

What is disc replacement surgery?

discreplacement surgery

When it comes to disc replacement surgery is concerned, it is regarded as one of the most modern and innovative treatment option, which is found in this country. In the low cost disc replacement surgery India, the surgeon is seen replacing the damaged discs along with removing the space that is packed with the bone graft. In a course of time, the bone is seen creating a solid bony bridge all over the two vertebrae and with the previously painful segment; the surgery becomes pain free option to consider.

Why disc replacement surgery is carried out

The key reason for choosing to replace this disc may vary from one condition to the other. Usually the pain is caused owing the affected disc, which has not been getting reduced to enough amounts of nonsurgical treatment options like medication, physical therapy, injections while the doctor is seen suggesting or the disc replacement surgery. There are a number of conditions, which may prevent the person from receiving a disc replacement for issues like spondylolisthesis including the one called the slipping of one vertebral body found all over the lower one, vertebral body fracture, osteoporosis, allergy to a number of materials in the device, spinal infection, spinal tumor, morbid obesity, significant changes of the facet joints, pregnancy, chronic steroid that is seen using or autoimmune problems. The Low Cost Disc Replacement Surgery India thus becomes simple for one and all that come along with high quality.

The types of disc replacement surgery

When it comes to the types of the disc replacement surgery there are different types, which include the following:

  • Total disc replacement
  • Disc Nucleus replacement

Life after Disc Replacement surgery

Once you get the Low Cost Disc Replacement Surgery India you get the pain relief that further reduces the degeneration of the day to day activities found over the spine surgery. Though both the above said surgery options are seen giving pain relief and stability the spinal fusion over the vertebrae can be seen using this surgery. With the help of this surgery one end up getting the reduction of pain for a longer run for the issue that can be seen making things better.

Disc Replacement Surgery in India

One of the striking features of healthcare services in Indian hospitals is the availability of low cost disc replacement surgery India, which is not the case with the other places. The Indian hospitals are equipped with one of the best of facilities that is being governed by state of art technology. The spine surgeons and other medical experts are known for their highly competitiveness and professionalism.  This is the key reason why more and more global patients are looking out for India for the disc replacement surgery and other procedures in this country as they very well know that they get high quality services at much of the affordable cost.

Risk and Complications of Spine Surgery in India


On an average every soul on this earth is seen suffering from back pain, however, not all need a spine surgery. A good amount of people can resolve the back pain issue with a number of non-surgical options. There are many who are seen struggling with back pain for good amount of time duration. For such souls the treatment option comes in the form of spin surgery. Though it is considered to be the last resort for the patients with back pain, yet a sizeable amount of these people are seen taking the route of surgery. Of late, there has been a paradigm shift in terms of choosing destination abroad, which is now the country India. Thanks to the availability of high quality and Affordable Spine Surgery in India which calls global patients all across the world including the Middle East countries like Iraq. Well, let’s dig in deep into this surgery in the following paragraphs:

Frau mit Schmerzen in der Wirbelsäule

Spine Surgery in India

What is Spine Surgery?

With aging comes many problem, which also include back ache. This can even due to the improper body mechanics, structural abnormalities and trauma or injury in spine that can lead to issues like chronic pain at the back. This can be often resolved with spine surgery wherein the surgeon fixes the problems found at the back. So, all the spinal issues leading to back pain and other symptoms that cannot be resolved with non-surgical procedures are needs to be fixed with spine surgery. Thanks to the solutions like high quality and affordable Spine Surgery in India which fixes this problem with care and professionalism.

Why spine surgery

The spins surgery can become a mandatory option if all the non-surgical options have failed to work and the patient still has the pain. The spine surgery helps in relieving the associated pain/numbness, which can be due to the compression of nerves seen at the spine. The following are the reasons for going the high quality and affordable spine surgery in India.

  • Disk problems- With this issue, you get the bulging disks, which are the rubbery cushions that are seen separating the spine bones and can at times press things too tight.
  • Overgrowth of bone – This can be seen due to the reason called Osteoarthritis resulting the bone spurs over the spine. This excess amount of bone can be seen narrowing the available space for nerves that pass through openings in spine.

Types of spine surgery

When it comes to checking the types of this surgery, there are different types of affordable spine surgery in India, which are as under:

  • Diskectomy
  • Laminectomy
  • Spinal fusion
  • Artificial disk Implant surgery

Risks and complications after Spine surgery

Unlike any surgery, the affordable spine surgery in India can have its own risks and complications, however, not all are serious. Some of these are as under:

  • Infection
  • Improper wound healing
  • A bit of Bleeding
  • Some amount of Blood clots
  • Injury seen in blood vessels/ nerves seen in and around the spine
  • Experience Pain at the operated area especially where the bone graft is taken

Spine Surgery in India

India in the recent past has seen a paradigm shift in terms of medical tourism wherein it gets a good amount of global patients visit for various healthcare services. These include the spine surgery for the patients from Middle East nations like Iraq. The prime reason for this is the availability of high quality and affordable spine surgery in India. Thanks to the availability of world class hospitals that are found with the state of art facilities along with the presence of highly skilled and competitive spine surgeons. So, with a combination of low cost, high quality service and other features found in India with spine surgery and other healthcare services, more and more global patients from Iraq and other nations flock without any hassle or issue.

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Gamma knife surgery for non-small cell lung cancer patients with brain metastasis


Brain Metastasis
Brain metastasis are spread of a primary tumor in the brain, which is different from a primary brain tumor. The spreading of a tumor is known as metastasis. The primary malignant brain tumor are the tumors which start in the brain and are actually quite rare. It is estimated that about 24,000 new cases in the year 2016. The brain metastases are quite common and it occurs in 10% to 30% of patients with cancer, each year in the United States.

It is important to remember that not all cancers are equal and some are more aggressive and less susceptible to treatments than others. Considering this reason, the prognosis varies greatly from tumor to tumor and person to person. Hence the best surgeons will consider these aspects while providing effective treatments.

Brain Metastasis.jpg

Signs and symptoms
The common signs and symptoms are changes in the cognitive ability (memory, reasoning, attention), gait ataxia, aphasia, weakness, behavior changes, seizures and headaches.

If your healthcare professional suspects brain metastases, then your care team will ask you for radiology reports such as CT or MRI scans. A biopsy is required, especially in the case of primary cancer or if there has been a long period of time between the treatment for the initial primary cancer or if there has been a long period of time between the treatments for the initial primary cancer and the new symptoms related to brain metastases.

When might radiation therapy be used?
Small cell lung cancer is related to high to a very high risk brain metastasis and around 50% of patients develop lesions within two years of diagnosis. Radiation therapy is used for whole brain as a way to prevent future development of brain metastases. In terms of chemotherapy, the agents that are commonly used in chemotherapy are not able to cross the blood brain barrier. The medications are not able to penetrate into the brain and therefore it cannot effectively kill the cancer cells in the brain. Hence, most of the chemotherapy agents are not quite effective to treat the brain metastasis although they work well against cancer in parts of the body. Therefore, most patients undergo treatments for brain metastases, which include the surgical and radiation techniques.


How Does the gamma Knife System Treat Lung Cancer?
The stereotactic radiosurgery is not a surgery, but a highly precise administration of a large dose of radiation to the tumor site. Unlike the traditional external beam radiation, which is given daily for many weeks the SRS is administered in a single dose as a Gamma knife® system or up to five doses as a Cyberknife® and other treatments based on a linear accelerator. More than a single brain tumor can be treated during one session. The Gamma Knife treatments for lung cancer are administered using a traditional radiation machine called as a linear accelerator which is a specialized machine known as Cyberknife®, Gamma knife®, etc.
The Gamma knife® delivers several hundreds of radiation beams from a cobalt source. Cobalt is one of the elements present in the periodic table and it is the radioactive source which is used in this technique. These beams concentrate at the point where all the beams meet and they travel through hundreds of holes in the helmet to converge on the tumor thereby allows a high dose radiation delivery to the tumor by sparing the surrounding tissues from this high dose. It is highly dependent on accuracy and requires the patient’s head to be securely stabilized by using a head frame or a helmet so as to prevent any movement during this treatment. There is a size limit for Gamma knife® and hence the brain metastasis should be 3cm or smaller. Contact Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India to get a low cost gamma knife system for treating lung cancer.


India is One of the Safest Places in the Nation to have Spinal Surgery



Back pain is one of the common issues faced by people of different age groups. This can be due to a number of reasons, which include issues in spine area and other problems in the spine and neck areas. Unlike the back pain, even neck pain is common among people of different age groups, which is also due to some issues at the spine and its various discs and adjoining vertebrae found in it. Though most of these pains can go away with nonsurgical options, however, there are certain issues, which need a spine surgery. The global patients looking for affordable solutions often find India as the best place for various spine surgeries for the obvious reason- high quality healthcare solutions at affordable cost. The availability of the best spine hospitals in India and top spine surgeons in India has together increased the flux of medical tourists coming to this place for these surgeries.


Spinal Issues leading to Spine Surgery

There are number of spinal ailments, which can come along to the patient with back or neck pain, which needs a spine surgery. Some of these are the following ailments, which need a spine surgery, let’s check them out:

Degenerative Disc Disease

This issue can be seen coming like a gradual process, which affects the spine. This can be even called as the normal wear and tear aging procedure of the spine. While the intervertebral disc could be seen losing its flexibility and the capacity of elastic shock absorption but when this really happens, the disc is seen getting changed to a stiff and rigid kind of state, which further prevents the movement. The pain is the usual symptom found in this area, which need a spine surgery to get rid of the degeneration.

Disc Herniation

This ailment can come when you find the center of the disc bulges are seen over the outer layer of the said disc wherein you can find the pressure getting piled up over the spinal nerves. This can simply occur in any portion of the spine, however, the lumbar and cervical areas are among the most common to get hampered.


Spinal Stenosis

This ailment Spinal Stenosisis is known to narrow down the spinal canal. This ailment can occur when you find the result of gradual wear and tear of your spine. All the said discs bulge and the facet of the said joints would be seen growing the bone spurs (osteophytes). This can simply result to the pressure on the spinal nerves.


This ailment can be seen when the spinal vertebrae is seen slipping over the other. This can bring in the issue of narrowing down of the spinal canal. Though there are several nonsurgical options available to treat this disorder including medication and physical therapy, however, if these fail, you have no other option but to go for a spine surgery. And when all the nonsurgical options fail, people are seen considering the surgical option of the spine seeking the help of the top spine surgeons in India.


Spine Surgery in India

India offers comprehensive care when it comes to spinal and other healthcare issues. It is known for improving the quality of life for global patients seeking the help of top spine surgeons in India, who are known for their high end skills and precision apart from having the a clear focus over delivering high end results. The best spine hospitals in India have the presence of proficient spine and neurological team who all known for performing several hundred surgeries with high end results. The global patients from different nations like Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Dubai, Oman, Iran and even from western countries to come to get the spine surgery in India.

Has Scoliosis Surgery India been a trendsetter of sorts?



Scoliosis was just Gods way of giving yor natural Swagger

Scoliosis is among the common back problems people face all around the world. If you check the figures of National Institutes of Health (the US department of Health and Human services), 3 out of 5 kids of thousand kids are seen developing curved over the spines. As per National Scoliosis Foundation, 3 percent of people (six million) are seen suffering from these curves. However, when it comes to its solution, surgery is considered to be among the best solution for the same. Also, the medical tourists coming from different countries find India to be the best place for scoliosis surgery. Considering a high quality of its service, scoliosis surgery in India is considered to be among trendsetter of all sorts. Let’s check how?

What is Scoliosis?


Before we head to the moot issue, let’s understand scoliosis. It is nothing but a medical condition, which is characterized by several curves found over the spine. It can be called as a complex kind of deformity wherein the spine curves from one side to the other. These can be either congenital owing to the vertebral abnormalities from birth or due to idiopathic reason owing to the difference found among of legs’ length that is caused by certain injuries or infections and neuromuscular issues. These issues together bring in the problem of scoliosis over the back.

The causes of Scoliosis


Most of the scoliosis cases belong to idiopathic with around 65 percent of these cases of this ailment belongs to this category. Though the real causes to this ailment are still unknown, yet the genetic factors are simply one of the real causes to this problem. The following are some of the symptoms pertaining to scoliosis:

  •          Prominence of a rib or the shoulder blade
  •         Difference in lengths of hips or legs
  •        Appearance of head like off centre
  •        Walking with ambling action or over the rolling gait
  •     Back pain while you work due to the chest and belly movement

How Scoliosis Surgery India been a trendsetter of sorts?


Scoliosis will not define me, it will make me stronger

There are number of ways how Scoliosis Surgery India has been a trendsetter of sorts. Some of them are factors that bring out to this fact are as under:

High Quality Healthcare

One of the key reasons why a number of medical tourists are coming to India for various medical treatments and surgeries including Scoliosis Surgery is availability of high quality healthcare services. There are wide ranges of hospitals in India, which are being certified by JCI, which means they simply adhere to the stringent yardstick, which are meant for maintaining high quality. The Indian hospitals are known to adhere to state of art equipments, which play a vital role in treating patients.

Highly Qualified and Competent Doctors

The Indian doctors and surgeons deals with Scoliosis Surgery India are highly qualified and have loads of experience and exposure in treating these medical conditions and ailment with ease and comfort. They have loads of exposure in the western world and other parts of the world, which given them an edge to treat Scoliosis Surgery India with wisdom and competence.


I make scoliosis look good!

Cost Benefit

One of the key ways in which Scoliosis Surgery India is making trends among the global patient is the affordable cost at least when you compare with the developed nations like the US or the UK. In fact when you cost saving for Scoliosis Surgery India or any other surgery and treatment would go least as much as 40 to 60 percent, which is really a huge amount for choosing India to be the best place for any medical treatment. Even when you consider the travel expenses the medical tourists coming down to India for various medical treatments and surgeries, still enjoy good amount of saving.


Scoliosis Surgery India is blessed with a number of benefits, which make this treatment doing trend in the medical tourists’ circles propelling them to visit this place.

Cosmetic surgery performed by Cosmetic Surgeons in India

The girl with pearls

Recapture the beauty of self-confidence.


With the advent of plastic and cosmetic surgeries correcting improper shapes over our exteriors of our body has become easy. Now, you reshape your nose, ears, nostrils, breasts, stomach and other exterior body parts as per your body fitting and personality can add values in your personality. This has therefore made the cosmetic or aesthetic surgeries popular among the medical circles. The cosmetic procedures also called as reconstructive surgeries have gained lots of popularity in the recent times. Thanks to the film industry and the craze to look charming and beautiful all the time. These surgeries are not just restricted to celebrities of Hollywood or other film industry but have passed on to common people as well who are willing to look cool in this competitive age. Well, let’s check the list of cosmetic surgeries, which are carried out with cosmetic surgeons in India as under:

Why Cosmetic Surgeries?

CosmeticThere are many reasons for having cosmetic surgeries, however one of the basic reasons to go with the same is to make the body with disorder more functional and appealing. This not only helps in adding up the confidence at workplace and social circles but at the end of the day even make them feel better and competitive in this highly competitive world. Thus the benefit of cosmetic surgery is not just restricted to enhancing the functions of body parts but also reaping psychological benefits, which is really important in this highly competitive age. Thus you have so many reasons to go with it.

Common Cosmetic Surgeries

There is no dearth of cosmetic surgeries, which are being performed day in and day out in Indian hospitals. However, there are few that remain the most common ones, which attract medical tourists coming from different nooks and corners of the world. Let’s check the common procedures adopted for cosmetic surgeries as under:P1954647659

  • Liposuction: This surgery deals in removing the localized fats found in our body in order to find a new shape. It simply helps in boosting up the self confidence of our patients along with driving away their depression due to extra weight over their body. It therefore helps in averting certain obesity related conditions like diabetes, heart issues and high blood pressure. The procedures like breast reduction also falls in this category, while the procedure called Tummy Tuck is also counted in this category wherein extra amount of fat is removed from areas like arms, thighs and buttocks.
  • Facelift: This cosmetic surgery deals with removing the aging signs like the wrinkled signs over your face. These include the sagging of skin over the face, which help in giving a cool youth look. It helps in improving upon the appearance and contour.
  • Rhinoplasty: This procedure includes correcting the shape of your nose, which can be carried out with elevation of depressed nose or over the tip of your nose. This in turn help in lengthening the small size nose along with removing the hump from the bridge of the nose along with correcting the length of the nose and reducing the extra bulk nose. This surgery can also be carried out with the help of any competent ENT surgeon.
  • Scar Revision: This surgery deals with making a person free from different scars. The scars can be due to various reasons including aging, injury and other issues. These are removed with the help of cosmetic surgeons giving back your original look.

Why Choose Indian Cosmetic Surgeons for different Cosmetic Procedures?

Portrait of beautiful and sexy woman on white

Cosmetic Surgery makes more Beautiful & Confident You!!

India is known as one of the best place for cosmetic surgeries. Thanks to the highly qualified cosmetic surgeons and experts who have ample amount of experience in dealing with different forms of issues and external disorders, which can be corrected using different techniques and procedures. Considering their expertise in different cosmetic procedures more and more medical tourists are flocking to India for correcting their nose, ears and removing extra flesh from their bodies. Lastly the cost makes the huge difference, which is very much affordable as compared to the US and other developed nations.

India as a favourable healthcare tourism destination for 2015



India of late has become one of the important medical tourism destinations for global patients coming from a number of countries including developed nations like the US or the UK. One of the key reasons of getting such an overwhelming response to Indian healthcare sector is the availability of high quality medical treatment options to the global patients, which is more often the half cost as compared to the ones offered in the US and the UK. Besides, India has been known for its hospitality and compassion, which add value to the healthcare services offered to the medical tourists. This has therefore made India to be one of the favourite medical tourism destination not just the last year but also of 2015.

World class medical treatment at affordable prices

If you check the continent of Asia, there aMedical-Tourism-Headerre couple of options for healthcare services. These include India, Singapore and Thailand. The three countries have been getting a decent response in terms of healthcare services. However, in the list of three, India ranks high, thanks to the presence of rich healthcare infrastructure and availability of expertise in a wide array of specialization. As per one of the studies carried out by a market research company, medical tourists find India the most convenient place for their treatment of various ailments. The same report also suggests that India in 2012 have invested 78.6 billion dollars and thus rank one in this aggressively expanding base. As per reports, by the end of 2017, the healthcare sector in India will be a 158.2 billion dollar industry.

High-Quality Healthcare

As per reports, the availability of high quality medical treatment option at low cost is not just the only reason for the medical tourists to head out to India for these services. In the past few years, the world has known India as one of the best place for natural resources like Yoga and other similar practises, which are inexpensive and effective for health. Needless to say the fact India is blessed with greater amount of diversity in terms of culture and creed, which give enough reasons to the patients to have a good vacation while they get treated in this great land of culture and rich medical infrastructure. In fact, comparing on these elements places like Thailand and Singapore placed behind India.

Why Choose a healthcare tourism india?


Know More about medical Tourism service Click here

India is known for many things, when it comes to medical treatments and surgeries. Right from handling the weight loss surgeries like sleeve gastric banding to complex cardiovascular surgeries for heart ailments and blockage, etc. Indian hospitals are highly competent enough to handle a wide range of specialisation, which include oncology, nephrology, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, modern surgical options gamma knife surgeries, cervical and spinal fusion surgeries, eye care, cancer treatment and many more. In fact, you name any specialization in medical treatment and surgeries, Indian hospitals have it or the other with the best quality of service coming along with high quality services. And needless to say that Kerala is a rich Indian state, which gives you one of the best holistic Ayurveda treatments for various ailments. It also attracts medical tourists to try out these services for various ailments.

High Quality and State of Art armed Hospitals & Clinics

For healthcare services in India, innovation and compassion is the key. Thanks to the presence of highly competitive and experienced doctors and surgeons. These are known to have ample of exposure and expertise treat medical tourists for various ailments. In India there is a workforce of 75,000 doctors and surgeons who are highly qualified and competent to treat a number of medical and health ailments. The hospitals and medical centres in India are among the top rated ones with run with the state of art facilities unlike seen in the developed nations. So, both the highly competitive infrastructure and best human resources in the area of healthcare makes all the difference. Needless to say the cost comes out to be really low, which become the driving force for many medical tourists coming for a number of medical treatments and surgeries in India.

India is a Centre for Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy Overview

Stem Cells in human body are cells, which are known for its potential to develop in other types of cells as per their types like multi-potent or pluri-potent. These are known to serve as one of the vital repair system inside our body and are known to theoretically divide without having any limit in order to refill other cells provided the person or the animal is still active and alive. When these cells are divided they are seen in daughter cell, which has the potential to simply remain like a stem cell or by simply turning into another kind of cell with the help of specialised function like the muscle or red blood cell. These cells at times are pitted with diseases, which need certain treatment, which comes in the form of stem cell therapy. This is among the common treatment, found for people suffering certain stem cell diseases.

What is Stem Cell Therapy? stem cell1

People who suffer from stem cell diseases opt for the stem cell therapy, which is basically using the same cell in order to treat the disease. The stem cells are collected from the blood bone marrow of the patient, umbilical cord tissue/blood and fat. These can be called as the progenitor cells, which simply lead to the creation of new cells and hence are also termed as generative cells too.

Stem Cell Therapy Working

The very biological task of the stem cell is to basically fix and repair the damaged cells along with regenerating the same. The stem cell therapy is known to exploit this very function with the help of managing these cells very much systematically and higher level of concentration directly over the damaged tissues wherein they are seen moving like a self healing agent. However, the process behind the mechanism is simply not known as yet though it is believed that there are certain stem cell discharging specific substance that help in activating the diseases. A majority of doctors and scientists feel that these cells have loads of potential to fix such problem hence the research on these to fix injuries and diseases inside the body is still on progress.

Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

If you call stem cell therapy as a treatment option, the doctors can prepare a detailed treatment plan for various treatment options. Once the treatment starts, the doctor will call the patient for the bone marrow extraction. Do keep in mind that this is nothing but a minimally invasive surgical procedure. After this the patient is strictly not allowed to consume the blood-thinning medications, while patient is advised to consult with the doctor before taking any kind of medication.

The procedure for stem therapy can be divided into three phases as discussed below:

  • Bone Marrow Extraction
  • Stem Cell Isolation, Analysis and Concentration in the Lab
  • Stem Cell Implantation

Now, let us get the brief of the same as below:

Bone Marrow Extraction: This procedure often takes half an hour to complete, which starts with local anaesthesia wherein the incisions are made to do the needful. This is done with the help of thin needle that is used to simply extract around 200 ml of the bone marrow.

Stem Cell Isolation, Analystem cellsis and Concentration in the Lab: In the lab, the stem cells are separated and then the doctor chromatographically separates the plasma and red and white blood corpuses. The cells are then cleaned and tested for its purity to carry forward the further step.

Stem cell implantation: In this method, the doctors have four different options to manage the stem cells. Generally in the intravenous administration, the doctor will use angiography to do the needful or can have options like using the direct injection in the assigned area or via the retrobulbar injections.

Stem Cell Therapy In India

India has become an important destination and stem cell therapy procedure is no exception. Medical tourists all across the world are seen flocking for the Stem Cell Therapy in India. One of the basic reasons, why the global patients prefer these treatments in India is the availability of high quality medical services at affordable cost. The cost involved in Stem Cell Therapy in India is often less than the ones in the US or the UK and the cost difference can go as low as 30-40 percent, which is really huge for anyone to consider the medical treatments in India. The Indian hospitals are backed by highly qualified doctors and surgeons who are competent enough to deal with these high end medical and health treatments. The health infrastructure of India is par with the ones found in the US or UK, which is known to cater high quality healthcare services as are equipped with state of art facilities. In other words, the medical tourists from different nations have all the reasons to flock for stem cell therapy in India.

Know benefits of traveling India for brain tumor surgery

Tumor sounds dangerous and devastating specially if it is concerned with brain and also adds up more when it can be cancerous. But medical science with expert doctors has found the way out to deal with scary disorder.
With recent trends, treatment methods have improved and surgical versions have more accurate results. The success rates of treatments have increased and death rate due to cancer id found to be decreased. The surge in survival of patients shows victory of medical field.Brain Tumors-treatment1
Brain tumor is a mass of cell that grows indefinitely without performing its regular functions. This can be cancerous or non cancerous. These harmful cells produce irritation and spots weight inside of the skull the cells are non functioning capturing space. Every single such tumors are characteristically genuine and life-threatening due to its slippery and infiltrative character in the intracranial cavity.

Types of brain tumors are
•    Gliomas
•    Meningiomas
•    Ependymomas
•    Craniopharyngiomas
•    Pituitary tumors
•    Pineal gland tumors
•    Lymphoma of the brain
•    Prime germ cell tumors of the brain

To give accurate treatments and precise results, proper diagnosis is vital for identification. Diagnosis goes step by step with neurological examinations tests, imaging series of tests, and then a biopsy.
    MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
    CT Scan (Computed Tomography)
    Biopsy- this is a sure way to identify brain tumor.

Treatment for brain tumor
Every possible treatment is available in India with full fledged cancer care centers. Therapies, medications and surgical treatments are invented to deal with tough cancers. They are
1.    Surgery
2.    Chemotherapy
3.    Radiation therapy
4.    Brachytherapy – is new method

Advanced surgical treatments are known by well settled and skilled cancer surgeons in India
•    Brain Suite – Intra-operative MR Navigation Microsurgery
•    Trans-Nasal Endoscopic Removal of brain Tumor through the nose
•    Stereotactic Radiosurgery – Gamma Knife & Novalis TX
•    Tumor Embolization using Neuro Interventional Radiology
•    Cyber Knife Radiosurgery

Ease of tumor treatment – Best quality Drugs, Medicines and Consumables for Cancer Care are created in India at one-tenth the expense in created countries and henceforth are the cheapest. Indian clinics have all around prepared English speaking Nurses, Physiotherapists and other steady staff to give humane consideration.

Accomplish brain cancer tumor treatment at top notching hospitals India at very affordable price. Dheerajbojwani consultants are offering best medical package with complete facilities from start to Finnish. The team will be guardian in India to guide you correctly with proper guidelines and betterment of health at most affordable, comfortable, genuine and luxurious tour with total satisfaction.

Physiotherapists and other steady staff to give humane consideration.

Accomplish brain cancer tumor treatment at top notching hospitals India at very affordable price. Dheerajbojwani consultants are offering best medical package with complete facilities from start to Finnish. The team will be guardian in India to guide you correctly with proper guidelines and betterment of health at most affordable, comfortable, genuine and luxurious tour with total satisfaction.