Mozambique patients flocking to Best Hospitals in India for Scoliosis Treatment

What is Scoliosis?

A person suffering from Scoliosis has his/her backbone curved to a side. The commonest symptom of Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature seen in the spine. Some of the causes behind the occurrence of this disease can be Cerebral Palsy, birth defects, infections, Muscular Dystrophy, Tumours, genetic conditions like Down Syndrome and Marfan Syndrome.

As difficult it might sound, but there is not cure for Scoliosis, but surely the symptoms can be kept in control. While finalizing the course of treatment, a lot depends on the how severe the curve is and the vulnerability of the patients of facing a worse situation.

Available Treatment for Scoliosis

The evaluation of this ailment is done with the help of imaging techniques like X-rays, CT (Computed Tomography) Scans, or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). For this, the specialists who are consulted are either Orthopaedic specialists or Neurosurgeons.

There are three crucial steps in the treatment of Scoliosis – observation, bracing and surgery.

  • Functional Scoliosis occurs due to an abnormal development of bones in any other part of the body. For example, it can be difference in the length of legs, which is treated by placing a small wedge in the shoe and thus save the curving of the spine.
  • Neuromuscular Scoliosis happens due to the abnormal development of bones in the spine and may get worse. For such people, observation and bracing do not work and have to get a surgery done.
  • The cure for Idiopathic Scoliosis depends on what age it happens:
    • Infantile Scoliosis – Bracing does not work for such patients; the condition generally improves without any treatment
    • Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis – These patients are at the highest risk and Bracing does not work if the curving is severe. Because the curve starts early, there is time to avail timely treatment to prevent further deterioration. Such patients might need more aggressive kind of treatment or even surgery.
    • Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis – This is most common type and if the curve is small then it is observed and follow ups are done stringently. There are certain degrees of curvature on which the mode of treatment keeps changing from Observation to Bracing to Surgery.

Scoliosis Treatment

Best Hospitals in Mumbai and Delhi

Both Mumbai and Delhi are highly recognized all over the world – be it any sector. Thus, in the matter of healthcare too both these cities are two of the leading cities of India. The hospitals in these cities are ensuring the availability of the best and most advanced types of cure for Scoliosis; especially needed by the patients from Mozambique. There are hospitals like Apollo, IBS hospitals, AIIMS, and many other such renowned hospitals, which have made the treatment of Scoliosis a very comfortable experience; more specifically Scoliosis surgery in Delhi is highly preferred today.

These hospitals provide a very patient-friendly ambience along with outstanding team of doctors and surgeons specializing in the treatment of Scoliosis. Also, these hospitals offer treatment packages that are not too heavy on the pockets of the Mozambique patients.

Cost of Scoliosis Treatment

India’s popularity as the top and cost effective healthcare tourism hotspot is on a continual rise. The best hospitals in India for Scoliosis treatment offer extremely cost effective treatment and surgery packages to worldwide located patients; especially those coming from Mozambique because these patients are coming from very underprivileged backgrounds and cannot keep up with the rising healthcare expenditure. The surgeries for Scoliosis like the one with the Posterior Approach costs $18,000 in USA while the same costs $4,000 in India. Also, Spinal Fusion with Instrumentation costs $10,000 in India while the same costs as high as $20,000 in USA.

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Mozambique to India Medical Treatment

The severe lack of healthcare facilities in the nations belonging to the African continent is an open secret now. One such country is Mozambique, which has an extremely poorly functioning healthcare sector. This particular country is plagued by serious kind of diseases, which are affecting a major section of the population of Mozambique. This is where these patients find India the best source of relief. Also, the presence of an outstanding medical tourism services provider like Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants makes it all the more rewarding for the Mozambique patients.

  • We handle all the formalities associated with medical visa to India, stay arrangements, organizing the flights, etc.
  • We can plan the treatment at the best hospitals in India for Scoliosis treatment
  • We ensure that the best doctors and surgeons of India are accessible
  • We make sure that Scoliosis surgery in Delhi is highly affordable for the Mozambique patients
  • We also have provision for a second free opinion if the patients want to more sure about their choice of hospitals or doctors
  • We can plan a vacation as well for our patients
  • We ensure that there are no loopholes in our planning and follow a very ethical approach
  • Also, we provide language interpretation services to help overcome communication hindrances

Connect with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants , the best medical facilitator in India via following contact details.

Email Us :

Helpline Number : +91 9860755000

Towards finding out the Best Spinal Fusion Surgery Cost in Mumbai’s Best Hospital

Best Spine Surgeon in Mumbai

Before we talk about the Spinal fusion surgery cost in Mumbai’s best Hospital, we need to know about the best surgeon in the city. After all these are the medical professionals who leave no stone to give you the best of the healthcare services. There is no dearth to the top doctors and surgeons when it comes to get good quality spinal fusion surgery in Mumbai. One name that tops the list is of Dr. Arvind G Kulkarni. He heads the ‘Mumbai Spine Scoliosis and Disc Replacement Centre’ at the known Bombay Hospital, Mumbai on the key position as a Consultant Spinal Surgeon. He is also involved in surgeries in hospitals like Saifee and Breach Candy. Known for his huge experience in the spinal surgery, he has been trained at the best places in India and abroad allowing him to give the best results different forms of spinal surgeries.

How surgery is performed?

Once you decide to consider this surgery, you barely worry about the Spinal fusion surgery cost in Mumbai’s best Hospital. Well, the surgery is carried out in two different ways. One is the anterior lumbar interbody fusion when the surgeon considers your entire belly, while the other is the Posterior fusion when we have the doctor going in from the back. The surgeon is then seen making an incision and soon is seen moving the structures and muscles of the spine followed by removing the painful and damaged disks as well. The surgeon then makes a graft on the bone and then fuses the same along with closing the incisions.

Which is the best hospital for Spinal fusion surgery in Mumbai?

The next thing you need to do is to find out the Spinal fusion surgery cost in Mumbai’s best Hospital. Well in Mumbai some of the best hospitals that cater the best of the back surgery include Fortis, Kokilaben Hospital, Breach Candy, Saifi Hospital, JJ Hospital and Lilavati to name a few. When it comes to facilities and human resources, these remain the best and part to a highly developed countries like US and the UK governed by high end technologies.

Spinal fusion surgery mumbai

What is the cost of the complete treatment?

If you are talking about the spinal fusion surgery cost in Mumbai’s best hospital then it comes to affordable at least when we compare it with other developed nations like the US and the UK. For instance, the cost of the said surgery comes to around 5500 USD, while the same surgery can be carried out in the US at the cost of around 30,000 USD, which is a huge amount in comparison to the spinal fusion surgery cost in Mumbai’s best hospital.

How can I connect to best spine surgeons?

One of the best ways to get spinal fusion surgery cost in Mumbai’s best hospital is though a competitive medical tourism company. One of the top group include Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants. The fact of the matter is this group has one of the best doctors and surgeons in its network that gives you the best of the healthcare services. The group has come a long way in establishing its niche in the market and giving the best of the healthcare care services.

You can contact the group by calling at the International Helpline Number on +91 9860755000 while can even email them at

Medical tourism benefits for Outdoor Patients

The global patients going forBest Spinal fusion surgery cost in Mumbai’s best Hospital can loads of benefits with Medical Tourism, which are as under:

  • They get the best hospital and clinics for their spine surgeries
  • You get the highly skilled and competitive doctors and surgeons for your spine surgery
  • You can get local travel, pick and drop to hospital and other services
  • One can get even the food as per your requirements
  • Complete management of spine surgery

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Treatment and Surgery for Cervical Spine Disorders in India


Many studies show that 25 percent of people suffer from Degenerative Disc Disease without any symptoms and around 60 percent with symptoms. The cervical spine in our neck consists of seven bones called the vertebrae, which are separated by discs packed with a cushioning gel-like matter. Not only the cervical discs stabilize our neck but also allow the smooth movements like from side to side or bend forward to back. But with time and ageing, these inbuilt shock absorbers worn out and can start to deteriorate. The gap between the vertebrae tapers and nerve roots become hollow. This whole process is called as Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease. As this process keeps progressing, the neck loses its elasticity and becomes stiff leading to extreme pain, numbness, or weakness also affecting the shoulder, arm, and hand.

Evaluation or diagnostic tests like X-rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), or a Computed Tomography (CT) scan is very helpful in finding out the accurate location of the pain.

How it is treated?

There are many modes of treatment, the first one being medication, which help in reducing the pain and inflammation. If medications do not provide much relief then next in line is physiotherapy that is helpful in reducing the stiffness and ultimately the pain. But there are situations when these traditional modes of treatment are not that fruitful. Then a surgery is recommended.

The most important surgery for Degenerative Disc Disease is referred to as Discectomy in which the surgeon removes the failing disc. Discectomy is quite often followed up by artificial disc replacement, where a metal disc is inserted instead of the disc, which was removed. Discectomy may also be followed by a procedure called Cervical Fusion, where the surgeon implants a small piece of bone in the gap between the vertebrae. As the bone keeps healing, it ultimately fuses with the vertebrae above and under it. Some of the other procedures are Lumbar Laminectomy, Endoscopic Spine Surgery, Vertebroplasty, Foraminotomy, etc.

Cervical Spine Disorders in India

How much does it cost in India?

India has become a much favoured destination for affordable healthcare; particularly Cervical Spine Disorders treatment in India is much reasonably priced much to the benefit of the international patients. Not many countries stand a chance in front of India when it comes to providing cost effective Cervical Spine treatment. For example, the Spinal Fusion surgery in USA costs about $62,000 whereas in India it costs only $5,500. Thus, such huge cost differences have massively boosted the number medical tourists.

Contact for online consultaion at or call on +91 9860755000.

Success rate of Cervical Spine Surgery in India

India is enormously blessed in the matter of doctors and surgeons. Be it any field, Indian medical professionals, especially the Spine surgeons are some of the most qualified and highly experienced in their respective fields. They are not only experienced at the national level, but also extremely reputed internationally. Their vast knowledge and extensive experience makes them some of the most competent Spine specialists. This obviously results in giving positive outcomes that is high success rates in these intricate spine surgeries.

Quality healthcare services by Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

When it comes to availing Cervical Spine Disorders treatment in India, Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is at the forefront in catering to the international patients. We offer unmatched healthcare services like:

·        Treatment at the top Spine hospitals of India empanelled with us

·      Most competent Spine surgeons highly adept in dealing with the most complex Spine ailment

·        Cost effectiveness treatment packages is one of our major strengths

·        Staff offering excellent medical visa assistance

·        Timely treatment assured with us

·        Provision of language interpreters

·        We help you in getting the initial consultation without any hassles

·        Outstanding follow up services

·        Extremely ethical processes

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Best Spine Surgery Cost in Qatar Dollars; hurry to get the special offers with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants


Spinal surgery is also called spondylodesis or spondylosyndesis. It is a neurological or orthopedic surgical technique that joins two or more vertebrae. This surgery can be performed at any level in the spine it may be cervical, thoracic, or lumbar and it prevents any movements of the treated vertebrae. There are many types of spinal surgery and each type involves using bone grafting. Bone grafting is done using either from the patient (autograft), the donor (allograph), or artificial bone substitutes that help the bones to heal together. Additional things like screws, plates, or cages are often used to hold the bones in place while the graft is used to fuse the two vertebrae together.

Spinal surgery is most commonly used to relieve the pain and pressure on the spinal cord that happens when a cartilage between two vertebrae wears out. Other common conditions that are treated by spinal surgery include spinal stenosis, spinal fractures, scoliosis, etc.

Spine Surgery benefits in India for Qatar Nationals

After surgery benefits

8 in 10 people in the world experience back or neck pain at some point in their lives, but for finding the source of this pain remains unknown to return people back to their normal life. Spinal abnormalities have two types: mechanical and neurological. The aim of treating mechanical abnormalities is to maximize the health of the spine by stabilizing its biochemical parts.Neurological abnormalities include nerve root pain or injury, spinal cord compression, sciatica or tumors.The pain generator may or may not be obvious, the aim of treating neurological abnormalities is to observe the patterns of nerve damaged by using secondary or minor nerve root blocks, facet blocks or discography. Initially, Conservative management is attempted to relieve back or neck pain. This includes range-of-motion exercises, medication, physical therapy, massage, lumbar injections or nerve blocks. Spinal surgery is considered when people have failed these conservative options and cannot go back to their normal lifestyle due to unbearable pain.

The result is more than just a drop in pain. You can see if you had a spinal surgery that you can move around better, people think that they cannot move after treatment but with spinal surgery,you can.

You will feel that you are more physically fit than before treatment and eventually your mood will improve.You don’t need to take as much pain medicine. You can go back to work after some time and work more efficiently. As you will feel good you will be more productive at work.

Special Offers for Qatar

Patients from Ethiopia come down to India to get the best medical treatment without making a hole in their pocket. These patients have to face a very long wait to get best treatment in their home town. India serves the best to every kind of patients whether it may be insured or under insured. One can get Spine surgery cost in Qatar dollars in India with the help of Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants. Some of the procedures with the cost are mentioned below:

Our Services

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants come up with new ideas to help international patients to get the best medical service without affecting their budget. These consultants have worked many wonders by helping the international patients in many different ways. They have years of experience in this field and so they readily know the solution to every stopping stone. They help you with medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals for patients and family, accommodation for patients and family etc.

To get fast track respond, connect with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants email at or dial +91 9860755000.

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4 Month Old Boy Who Suffered 40 Seizures A Day with Epilepsy Surgery

A four month old baby boy, Naksh Mandrekar from Goa is among the youngest in India to undergo an epilepsy surgery which was required since he suffered around 40 seizures a day. Mr. Narayan, father of Naksh said that his son who was given six anti-epilepsy medicines a day till doctors at KEM Hospital operated on him on October 3, did not have had a single seizure and now smiles and plays with us.

According to the Head of Neurology at KEM Hospital, Dr. Sangeeta Ravat, “Naksh is the youngest of 558 epilepsy surgery patients in the past 15 years.” Epilepsy is a neurological disorder affecting one in every 200 people. Around 20 to 30 percent of these patients require surgery but the number of operated patients in India is quite low. The main reason behind this is due to presence of a only a handful of centres offering the epilepsy surgery. As per Dr. Pradnya Gadgil of Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, where a eight month old boy was the youngest to undergo epilepsy surgery in 2016, “It’s not being done as commonly as it should be.”

To narrate Naksh’s story, he started suffering 40 seizures from the fourth day after his birth. When even after taking six anti-epileptic medicines a day couldn’t control the seizures, doctors in Goa told his father to take him to Mumbai for operation. First the Mandrekars went to two private hospitals, but then opted to KEM Hospital when they couldn’t afford the bills. Mr. Narayan who works in a shop said that all this roaming took over three months.

epilepsy surgery

Naksh was admitted to a semi public hospital and then transferred to KEM on October 2 for neurosurgery in India. Dr. Ravat and neurosurgeon, Dr. Dattatraya Muzumdar of KEM Hospital said that surgery should be offered at the earliest to children with severe epilepsy so that the damage to their brain can be checked at the earliest. Dr. Muzumdar said, “In the West, it is now accepted that surgery for children under three years of age helps to preserve their cognitive skills.” According to Dr. Gadgil, “The American Academy of Neurology recommends surgery to patients whose seizure cannot be controlled with two medicines daily.”

During Naksh’s first month, his parent’s noticed that his left eye, hand and leg would get deviated several times a day. Narayan said that this happened every few minutes and doctors diagnosed this as seizures.

Dr. Muzumdar, “Naksh’s scans revealed that he had fronto-central cortical dysplasia which is the common cause for epilepsy.” Dr. Ravat said, “We did a comprehensive video EEG (electroencephalography) to locate the chunk in the right side that was causing the seizures.” He added that neither the memory nor visual sites in the brain were affected. His father said that now he feeds from a spoon and smiles at us when we talk to him and he is happy with his son’s progress.

Neurosurgery in India with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

Neurosurgery in India is the area of medical care to treat nervous system and spinal column. It is extremely advanced and should be done by veteran hands who know the latest technology to provide an affirmative treatment. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is a leading medical tourism company in India assisting the patients from India and abroad to book their appointment with the most renowned neurosurgeons and hospitals in India. Our group assists the patients to get the best of the services at the most affordable rates.

Contact us at our International Helpline Number +91 9860755000 or send your query to

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Special Medical Tourism Packages in India for Saudi Arabians: Contact Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism means a tour to India to cure your medical problems. Hospitals in India are known for its best service; they have the best medical panel and caring staff. The hospitals in India are associated with only best doctors and surgeons who are well trained from some of the best institutes in India and abroad.The hospitals in India are well equipped and believe in minimally invasive surgical techniques.One can get best treatment at affordable cost in India. India is the best option for patients looking for spine and neuro surgery because there are some best surgeon and doctors in India who are well trained from some of the best institutes in India and abroad.

medical tourism for saudi arabians

Medical Facilities in Saudi Arabia

Tough there are top hospitals in Saudi Arabia and also top surgeons; but still people have to seek for medical assistance in India because they have to face a very long wait for their surgery. This is why they look for surgery and treatments in India. The surgeons and doctors in India are well trained and so one need not to worry about the quality of treatment they would get in India. One can get Affordable cost neurosurgery packages in India which is much affordable as compared to other countries.

Special Packages on Spine and Neuro Surgery in India

There are different types of spine and neuro surgeries in India. Some of their procedures and their costs are mentioned below:

Neuro surgery:


Spine surgery:


People who wish to plan their medical tourism in India, specially from saudi arabia can contact us at To book appointment online with no waiting time, call on our helpline number +91 9860755000.

Best Medical Consultant in India

The best consultants in India are Dheeraj Bojwani consultants; they act as a bridge between the international patients and the hospitals in India. These consultants are associated with only top surgeons and doctors in India; who are well trained from some of the best institutes in India and abroad. These surgeons have successfully performed many complicated surgeries; they are also been specially invited for major surgeries within India and also in abroad. The hospitals in India are highly equipped and believe in minimally invasive surgery only. This type of medical assistance is only available with Dheeraj Bojwani consultants. The consultants will help you to getthe best affordable package for your spine and neuro surgery in India. One can experience Low cost spine surgery packages benefits in India. The package would include the following:

–        The patient will be assisted with medical visa.

–        Local travel which includes airport pick and drop.

–        Meals for patients and family.

–        Accommodation for patients and family.

–        First appointment with the doctors.

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Minimal Cost Cervical Spine Surgery in India emerges as a Ray hope for Global Patients

Introduction to cervical spine surgery

Spine is regarded as an important bone which gives the right shape and stability to the human being. It is connected at one of the tail bone of the body and on the other end you get to see it is connected to the cervical bone, which is finally connected to the head. Any injury or disorder in this key bone of the body can hamper the quality of the life along with giving issues like pain and other similar things. The fact of the matter is if you are unfortunate to get hampered with this problem, one has to choose the minimal cost cervical spine surgery in India. With this surgery one can get rid of the pain and issues like tingling, weaknesses and numbness that can help in restoring the function of the nerve as it will help in making the things right.

 Why Use Cervical Spine surgery?

If you are considering the minimal cost cervical spine surgery in India, you need to know the reason of the same. The surgery becomes necessary when you find the degenerative disease/deformity affecting your body.  The degenerative disease can give you issues like the intervertebral discs shrinkage, which end up causing loads of wear and tear of the disc.  The wearing down can bring issues like disc herniation, which end up bringing the problems like the bulging of the discs.  With the degeneration one can end up getting issues like compression that bring in the problem of pain in the nerves along with numbness, tingling, and weakness. The people with cervical deformity, including the hyperlordosis / swan neck have to consider the minimal cost cervical spine surgery in India. With this surgery you get rid of the cervical deformities that fix the neck vulnerable and dislocation or fracture of the cervical vertebrae.  In a way you can find this surgery very much beneficial for relieving the pressure that is mounted over the spinal cord.

cervical spine for zimbabwe

Get Special offers for Zimbabwe Patients on Cervical Spine Surgery in India

Benefits of Cervical Spine Surgery

When it comes to Minimal cost cervical spine surgery in India, it comes along with a number of benefits. It helps in relieving pain along with the restore motion employing the tissue sparring methods, which offer a quick recovery rather traditional open spine surgery. All these innovative methods that can be seen offering the same kind of cervical spine surgery with great success rate but it come along without getting any risk along discomfort. These can be seen adding a number of other benefits that come along with small size incision, which regulates some amount of things, which is carried out on a outpatient method, which means you go home the very same day of the surgery.

Where can I get minimal cost cervical spine surgery in India?

The global patients coming from different nations including Zimbabwe are known to avail a number of benefits, which give them the reason to plan their treatment in Indian hospital. However, this can be obtained only seeking the help of any competitive medical tourism company. You can think of relying on groups like Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants, which is known to give the global patient the Minimal cost cervical spine surgery in India. If you check the cost, it comes to around very much affordable.

For instance, the Cervical Spine Surgery in India can cost you around 10,000 USD, while the same surgery can be carried out in the US at the cost of around 58,000 USD.

Our Assistance to International Patients

Of late, we can see India has emerged as a pioneer in the healthcare sector over the global map. We at Dheeraj Bojwani offer the global patients the following services:

  • The minimal cost Cervical spine surgery in India Packages
  • High quality healthcare services
  • Best Doctors and surgeons to treat you for your cervical surgery
  • State of art facility hospitals
  • Medical Visa assistance, local travel, food, local stay, doctor appointments and complete assistance.

In other words, what more can you expect for your healthcare services, which the group Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants all time offer.

Contact us at or call on +91 9860755000 to get quick appointment.

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Healthcare Tourism Agency India liberates global patients from all the medical ailments with care & affordability

Of late, the industry of Medical tourism has grown a lot in India. As per reports, in 2015 alone, the country’s medical tourism domain was estimated to have become 3 billion dollar agency. And the same reports suggest a growth of $7–8 billion by the year 2020. The basic reason why Indian hospitals attracts via the healthcare tourism agency India is the cost-effectiveness, and the treatment options found from a number of accredited facilities at par with a number of developed countries at much lower cost. As per The Medical Tourism Market Report: 2015, India is considered as one of the lowest cost and highest quality healthcare destination of all the other medical tourism destinations.It offers wide range of medical and healthcare procedures at about one-tenth the cost of the similar procedures in the developed countries like United States. This has added a number medical tourism companies and Healthcare Tourism Agency India groups. Let’s dig in deep to know the role of any competitive Healthcare Tourism Agency India as under:

Medical Tourism India

Why you need healthcare tourism agency India?

In the earlier days when we found the idea of outsourcing of health care treatment to India was introduced, the healthcare infrastructure in the country was not par & the hospitals were under expansions and renovations. This was the time when it was really difficult to market this idea. However, in the recent times, the infrastructure has witnessed a sea change and now we can find India offering high end treatment options and that too at much of the lesser cost, which is well accepted worldwide. The real challenge is seen in finding out the right hospital and right doctor of any specific kind of requirement. At such juncture any hospital marketing itself would be a bad idea to consider.

Also, when we see the doctors switching hospitals and it becomes really difficult to talk about the best health services. Hence it becomes very difficult for the global patients to find out the best blend of doctor and hospital as per their budget. This is where the Healthcare Tourism Agency India comes into picture. Relying on any competent Healthcare Tourism Agency India can only help the global patients find the best deal of doctors and hospital as per their requirements. This is the very basic reason why the importance of Healthcare Tourism Agency India is growing for the global patients wanting to avail the healthcare services in a foreign land.

Facts of medical tourism in India

How a Competent Healthcare Tourism Agency India Assists Medical Tourists?

If you are considering any reliable and leading healthcare tourism agency India or medical travel facilitator you get the access of committed and passionate team who are simply eager to assist the global patients with the best of their medical trip to India. Any competent healthcare tourism agency India maintains a very close network with doctors, surgeons and JCI & ISO accredited hospitals in India. They have close ties with top hospitals, good healthcare agencies and are known to provide one of the best quote backed with excellent support and genuine care.In nutshell a global patient can be assured of every support when the global patients plan their medical trip India.

Seeking help of a competent Healthcare Tourism Agency India can help in giving you a number of services, which include visa assistance, travel, comfortable stay, and pre-hospitalization visits. One of the key aspects of the hiring any Healthcare Tourism Agency India is that they should be transparent right from the start to the finish while managing the medical trip of global patients to India. The Healthcare Tourism Agency India will ensure that you get a safe and stress free medical tourism experience. Hence they make sure that all the aspects of the medical trip to India come along with high quality and affordability. Besides, any good Healthcare Tourism Agency India can even plan a short vacation for the global patients during their stay in country.

To know more about Healthcare Tourism Agency India visit,

Choosing India as healthcare destination – know more
Understand medical tourism corporation India in Better way

Treat Spinal Cord Injury with Stem Cell Therapy in India at low cost


Of late, one can find medical science using even the old and holistic methods of medical treatments. In fact, these have come a long way since it all begun thousands of years ago. One of the way to treat and cure diseases of different organs include Low cost Stem Cell Therapy in India. As you check about the stem cells, these are nothing but undifferentiated parent cells, which is known to transform into specialized cell kinds and further can be divided to produce good amount of stem cells of the same group. The Low cost Stem Cell Therapy in India carried out simply to treat a number of health condition. The Stem Cell Treatment is basically a reproductive therapy wherein the medical experts are seen nourishing tissues in order to revive and reinstate several damaged tissues for getting a perfect relief from a number of incurable diseases. The stem cell treatment is among the few approaches that is used to cure a wide range of diseases and medical ailments in the near future that remains unattained. Time to dig in deep into the Low cost Stem Cell Therapy in India in the following paragraphs:

Stem cell therapy

What is Stem cell therapy?

Talking about the Low cost Stem Cell Therapy in India, it can be called as a collection of techniques that are meant to replace a number of damaged/destroyed cells by the disease having healthy functioning. Even though these techniques pertaining to Low cost Stem Cell Therapy in India are relatively new yet their applications are known to offer a wide range of benefits and are called as the broad and surprising in the medical world with every new and emerging research. The stem cells are usually obtained from bone marrow or via the human umbilical cord. These are also called as the basic cells of our body and are known to have the power to develop over any kind of tissue cells found in the body.

The Low cost Stem Cell Therapy in India is based on the principle, which the cells are seen moving over the injury site and thus is seen transforming themselves in order to form a number of new tissue cells to replace the damaged ones. They are seen having the capacity to proliferate and thus renew themselves the same over the indefinitely and thus can form into the mature muscle cells, nerve cells, and blood cells. In this kind of Low cost Stem Cell Therapy in India, these are derived from the body parts that is kept under the artificial conditions wherein they are seen getting matured into the kind of cells, which are needed to heal a number of diseases found in different body organs including the spinal cord.

Stem cell therapy for Spinal Cord

Of the basic reasons to consider Indian hospitals is the availability of Low cost Stem Cell Therapy in India. The hospitals have one of the best doctors and surgeons who are highly skilled, qualified and experienced in carrying out the Low cost Stem Cell Therapy in India. These are equipped with state of art facilities and features that help in fixing the problems with great care and professionalism. Interestingly, the Low cost Stem Cell Therapy in India is carried out with high quality, which attract the global patients far and wide.

Stem cell therapy for Spinal Cord

Stem Cell Therapy in India

If you talk about Low cost Stem Cell Therapy in India, it can be used to treat the Spinal cord with different ailments. Nowadays the medical experts are using the low cost Stem cell Therapy in India to treat a wide range of symptoms found in the spinal cord injury as well with the help of transplantation of cells directly inside the gray content of the patient’s spinal cord. With this the cells are seen integrating inside the own neural tissue of the patient and thus develop altogether a new circuitry in order to help in transmitting the nerve signals to muscles. The transplanted cells are then seen promoting the reorganization of the spinal cord segmental circuitry that tend to give improved motor function.

To know more about it visit :

Quality Affordable services for Stem Cell Treatment in India

Stem Cell Treatment in India: The ultimate Healthcare Solution for Patients for wide range of ailments

Stem Cell Treatment with Pocket friendly Package in Best Hospitals in India

Affordable & Successful Stem Cell Treatment for Spine & Brain, and Neurological Disorders

What is Stem Cell Treatment?

Stem cell treatment in India uses stem cells for treating, preventing a condition or disease. It is an intricate process in which the patients need utmost care both emotionally and physically. The stem cell treatment in India is a reproductive therapy in which the nourishing tissues are reinstated damaged tissues for the relief from spine and brain and neurological disorders. The stem cell treatment is one of the best approaches to heal a wide range of diseases.stem-celll

Stem Cell Treatment in India for Spine & Neurological Disorders is the rapidly evolving and promising treatment which Provide A realistic hope for People Suffering from Spine & Neurological Disorders

Successful Stem Cell Treatment for Spine & Brain, and Neurological Disorders

The successful stem cell treatment in India for spine will treated the symptoms by placing the cells directly into the gray matter of the patient’s spinal cord. The cells will then integrated into the patient’s own neural tissue and create a new circuitry helping to transmit the signals to the muscles. The transplanted cells will promote reorganization of the spinal cord segmental circuitry which leads to improvement in the motor function.

The successful stem cell treatment in India for brain includes the transplanted stem which serve as migratory signals of the brain’s own neurogenic cells which guide the new host cells towards the injured brain tissue. These stem cells have the potential to give rise to many different cell types which carry out different functions. In the meanwhile, the stem cells in the adult bone marrow tend to develop in the cells which make up the organ system from which they originated. These multi-potent stem cells can be manipulated to take the characteristics of neural cells.

The successful stem cell treatment in India for the common neurological disorders have been fueling the efforts to develop the stem cell based transplantation therapies for the patients. It has been extended to stimulate the formation and prevent the death of neurons and glial cells which produce endogenous stem cells within the adult central nervous system.

Major Diseases Treated with Stem Cells Treatment in India

The major diseases treated with the stem cell treatment in India are:

  • Motor neuron diseases
  • Cerebral palsy-spastic, hypertonic and ataxic
  • Mental retardation
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Duschene Muscular Dystrophy and Other Myopathies
  • Transverse myelitis
  • Stroke
  • Neurological disorders due to hypoxic brain damage
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Dementia
  • Spinal cord injury and paraplegia
  • Post surgical neuro-deficit
  • Brain hemorrhage and cerebral-infarct

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What Makes India the Perfect Place for Stem Cell Treatment?

  • Success rate

Patients get around 90-95% success rate with the stem cell treatment in India.

  • Affordable Cost

The cost of stem cell treatment in the US is 8000 while the stem cell treatment in India cost is quite affordable.

  • Our Facilitation

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