Mozambique patients flocking to Best Hospitals in India for Scoliosis Treatment

What is Scoliosis?

A person suffering from Scoliosis has his/her backbone curved to a side. The commonest symptom of Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature seen in the spine. Some of the causes behind the occurrence of this disease can be Cerebral Palsy, birth defects, infections, Muscular Dystrophy, Tumours, genetic conditions like Down Syndrome and Marfan Syndrome.

As difficult it might sound, but there is not cure for Scoliosis, but surely the symptoms can be kept in control. While finalizing the course of treatment, a lot depends on the how severe the curve is and the vulnerability of the patients of facing a worse situation.

Available Treatment for Scoliosis

The evaluation of this ailment is done with the help of imaging techniques like X-rays, CT (Computed Tomography) Scans, or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). For this, the specialists who are consulted are either Orthopaedic specialists or Neurosurgeons.

There are three crucial steps in the treatment of Scoliosis – observation, bracing and surgery.

  • Functional Scoliosis occurs due to an abnormal development of bones in any other part of the body. For example, it can be difference in the length of legs, which is treated by placing a small wedge in the shoe and thus save the curving of the spine.
  • Neuromuscular Scoliosis happens due to the abnormal development of bones in the spine and may get worse. For such people, observation and bracing do not work and have to get a surgery done.
  • The cure for Idiopathic Scoliosis depends on what age it happens:
    • Infantile Scoliosis – Bracing does not work for such patients; the condition generally improves without any treatment
    • Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis – These patients are at the highest risk and Bracing does not work if the curving is severe. Because the curve starts early, there is time to avail timely treatment to prevent further deterioration. Such patients might need more aggressive kind of treatment or even surgery.
    • Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis – This is most common type and if the curve is small then it is observed and follow ups are done stringently. There are certain degrees of curvature on which the mode of treatment keeps changing from Observation to Bracing to Surgery.

Scoliosis Treatment

Best Hospitals in Mumbai and Delhi

Both Mumbai and Delhi are highly recognized all over the world – be it any sector. Thus, in the matter of healthcare too both these cities are two of the leading cities of India. The hospitals in these cities are ensuring the availability of the best and most advanced types of cure for Scoliosis; especially needed by the patients from Mozambique. There are hospitals like Apollo, IBS hospitals, AIIMS, and many other such renowned hospitals, which have made the treatment of Scoliosis a very comfortable experience; more specifically Scoliosis surgery in Delhi is highly preferred today.

These hospitals provide a very patient-friendly ambience along with outstanding team of doctors and surgeons specializing in the treatment of Scoliosis. Also, these hospitals offer treatment packages that are not too heavy on the pockets of the Mozambique patients.

Cost of Scoliosis Treatment

India’s popularity as the top and cost effective healthcare tourism hotspot is on a continual rise. The best hospitals in India for Scoliosis treatment offer extremely cost effective treatment and surgery packages to worldwide located patients; especially those coming from Mozambique because these patients are coming from very underprivileged backgrounds and cannot keep up with the rising healthcare expenditure. The surgeries for Scoliosis like the one with the Posterior Approach costs $18,000 in USA while the same costs $4,000 in India. Also, Spinal Fusion with Instrumentation costs $10,000 in India while the same costs as high as $20,000 in USA.

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Mozambique to India Medical Treatment

The severe lack of healthcare facilities in the nations belonging to the African continent is an open secret now. One such country is Mozambique, which has an extremely poorly functioning healthcare sector. This particular country is plagued by serious kind of diseases, which are affecting a major section of the population of Mozambique. This is where these patients find India the best source of relief. Also, the presence of an outstanding medical tourism services provider like Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants makes it all the more rewarding for the Mozambique patients.

  • We handle all the formalities associated with medical visa to India, stay arrangements, organizing the flights, etc.
  • We can plan the treatment at the best hospitals in India for Scoliosis treatment
  • We ensure that the best doctors and surgeons of India are accessible
  • We make sure that Scoliosis surgery in Delhi is highly affordable for the Mozambique patients
  • We also have provision for a second free opinion if the patients want to more sure about their choice of hospitals or doctors
  • We can plan a vacation as well for our patients
  • We ensure that there are no loopholes in our planning and follow a very ethical approach
  • Also, we provide language interpretation services to help overcome communication hindrances

Connect with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants , the best medical facilitator in India via following contact details.

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