Best Medical treatment for Disc Replacement Surgery in India at Affordable Price and High Quality Procedure

disc replacemnt


The inter-vertebral disc happens to be a soft tissue, which is found in between the spinal bones (two vertebrae). The inter-vertebral disc comprises of a soft jelly kind of substances that are surrounded by different layers found in collagen tissue. In a healthy state, the nucleus is seen very much hydrated and thus is seen acting like a shock absorber. However at times, it can be seen with some amount of degeneration due to a number of causes including accident and other shocks. This can therefore lead to injury demanding for a surgery all together called disc replacement surgery. Now if you talk about the disc replacement surgery in India, it is increasingly becoming popular among the people of global destinations for the reason that they are able to find high quality and affordable solutions. Time to look at this in detail as under:

Why disc replacement surgery?

When it comes to disc replacement surgery, it deals with removal of the painful and degenerated disc that can play a vital role in reducing the same that is found in the form of back pain and movement restoration with the help of using the spine using any artificial disc. The three piece prosthesis comprises of a two cobalt and chromium molybdenum plates that are spray coated with titanium, which are clubbed to the vertebrae seeking the keel. The plastic core is then located in the above said two metal gals that help in making things possible with spinal mobility this is how the disc replacement surgery in India works.

Disc replacement surgery Procedure

discWhen it comes to disc replacement surgery in India, it starts with general anesthesia and patient is laid over the back.  The surgeon then makes 7 to 10 cm incision over the abdomen area along with accessing the abdominal muscles are then retracted to the side. The abdominal content are then lay inside the big size sack and it is then retracted for getting the access of the front side of the spine. The large size blood vessels are seen continuing to the legs that are seen laying over the front of the spine along with moving out of the way in order to get the access of the spine. Once the blood vessels are seen moving aside, the inter-vertebral discs are then inserted and then followed by the plastic core.  The incisions are then closed along with the dis-solvable sutures and ten then the surgeon removes the drain tube along with the blood that gets collected over the surgical site.


After the surgery you are shifted to the recovery room wherein you would be given some medication for addressing the post surgical pain and then you are moved to the general ward wherein again you are monitored for a while giving you the discharge at the end. However, after your disc replacement surgery in India after you come at home, you need to remain physical active and talking small size walks; one can have a good time in the healing process.

Disc replacement surgery in India

When it comes to Indian hospitals, they offer the global patients outstanding health care services, which is 50 to 70 percent less in terms of cost as compared to the US. The Disc Replacement Surgery India is carried out at world class hospitals that are approved by groups like JCI that speak volumes about the quality health care services. On the part of doctor and orthopedic surgeons who deal with these surgeries, they have ample amount of experience and expertise that lead no room to render you nothing but the best of the services. Therefore the global patients have enough reasons to plan for their surgeries and treatments in India.


10 thoughts on “Best Medical treatment for Disc Replacement Surgery in India at Affordable Price and High Quality Procedure

  1. Hey, this is Qelhatat Ndlovu, I am from South Africa, and recently, I have been to India for one of the disc replacement surgery. I must say, I am really impressed with the quality of medical service and compassion in this country considering Healthcare Sector. that is make me to recommend this place in my family and friends group for the low cost high quality healthcare Services.

  2. Excellent Healthcare Tourism Agency, and a very caring professional Consultants in India. I could not find a better Consultants. I am enjoying my general life from the moment I had gone through surgery. Dheeraj Bojwani has a very gentle approach when working with patients. thank you very much for providing me excellent and affordable medical services.

  3. Hi, this is Gilbert Dumashie, I am from Ghana,Accra. My sister thomisia is suffering from back pain, My doctor advised me to get disc replacement surgery. I need your approximate charges for surgery cost.

  4. Hello, my name is Ashon Babangida I am from Kenya. I was suffering from painful and degenerated disc that found in the form of back pain. then I came in contact with Health care Tourism Agency in India they used to provide outstanding health care services and 50 to 70 percent less cost of surgery.

    • If your looking for best medical treatment in India..feel free to send your query at our business executives will contact you as soon as possible..the cost of medical treatment in India is very much low as compared to foreign countries.that is The cost involved in the treatment, your stay, flight tickets, meals etc is nearly 25% of the expenses in western countries.

  5. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is the Best Health Tourism Agencies in india. great job. everyone that we deal with is great. very knowledgeable. very professional.

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