India as a favourable healthcare tourism destination for 2015



India of late has become one of the important medical tourism destinations for global patients coming from a number of countries including developed nations like the US or the UK. One of the key reasons of getting such an overwhelming response to Indian healthcare sector is the availability of high quality medical treatment options to the global patients, which is more often the half cost as compared to the ones offered in the US and the UK. Besides, India has been known for its hospitality and compassion, which add value to the healthcare services offered to the medical tourists. This has therefore made India to be one of the favourite medical tourism destination not just the last year but also of 2015.

World class medical treatment at affordable prices

If you check the continent of Asia, there aMedical-Tourism-Headerre couple of options for healthcare services. These include India, Singapore and Thailand. The three countries have been getting a decent response in terms of healthcare services. However, in the list of three, India ranks high, thanks to the presence of rich healthcare infrastructure and availability of expertise in a wide array of specialization. As per one of the studies carried out by a market research company, medical tourists find India the most convenient place for their treatment of various ailments. The same report also suggests that India in 2012 have invested 78.6 billion dollars and thus rank one in this aggressively expanding base. As per reports, by the end of 2017, the healthcare sector in India will be a 158.2 billion dollar industry.

High-Quality Healthcare

As per reports, the availability of high quality medical treatment option at low cost is not just the only reason for the medical tourists to head out to India for these services. In the past few years, the world has known India as one of the best place for natural resources like Yoga and other similar practises, which are inexpensive and effective for health. Needless to say the fact India is blessed with greater amount of diversity in terms of culture and creed, which give enough reasons to the patients to have a good vacation while they get treated in this great land of culture and rich medical infrastructure. In fact, comparing on these elements places like Thailand and Singapore placed behind India.

Why Choose a healthcare tourism india?


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India is known for many things, when it comes to medical treatments and surgeries. Right from handling the weight loss surgeries like sleeve gastric banding to complex cardiovascular surgeries for heart ailments and blockage, etc. Indian hospitals are highly competent enough to handle a wide range of specialisation, which include oncology, nephrology, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, modern surgical options gamma knife surgeries, cervical and spinal fusion surgeries, eye care, cancer treatment and many more. In fact, you name any specialization in medical treatment and surgeries, Indian hospitals have it or the other with the best quality of service coming along with high quality services. And needless to say that Kerala is a rich Indian state, which gives you one of the best holistic Ayurveda treatments for various ailments. It also attracts medical tourists to try out these services for various ailments.

High Quality and State of Art armed Hospitals & Clinics

For healthcare services in India, innovation and compassion is the key. Thanks to the presence of highly competitive and experienced doctors and surgeons. These are known to have ample of exposure and expertise treat medical tourists for various ailments. In India there is a workforce of 75,000 doctors and surgeons who are highly qualified and competent to treat a number of medical and health ailments. The hospitals and medical centres in India are among the top rated ones with run with the state of art facilities unlike seen in the developed nations. So, both the highly competitive infrastructure and best human resources in the area of healthcare makes all the difference. Needless to say the cost comes out to be really low, which become the driving force for many medical tourists coming for a number of medical treatments and surgeries in India.


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