India is a Centre for Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy Overview

Stem Cells in human body are cells, which are known for its potential to develop in other types of cells as per their types like multi-potent or pluri-potent. These are known to serve as one of the vital repair system inside our body and are known to theoretically divide without having any limit in order to refill other cells provided the person or the animal is still active and alive. When these cells are divided they are seen in daughter cell, which has the potential to simply remain like a stem cell or by simply turning into another kind of cell with the help of specialised function like the muscle or red blood cell. These cells at times are pitted with diseases, which need certain treatment, which comes in the form of stem cell therapy. This is among the common treatment, found for people suffering certain stem cell diseases.

What is Stem Cell Therapy? stem cell1

People who suffer from stem cell diseases opt for the stem cell therapy, which is basically using the same cell in order to treat the disease. The stem cells are collected from the blood bone marrow of the patient, umbilical cord tissue/blood and fat. These can be called as the progenitor cells, which simply lead to the creation of new cells and hence are also termed as generative cells too.

Stem Cell Therapy Working

The very biological task of the stem cell is to basically fix and repair the damaged cells along with regenerating the same. The stem cell therapy is known to exploit this very function with the help of managing these cells very much systematically and higher level of concentration directly over the damaged tissues wherein they are seen moving like a self healing agent. However, the process behind the mechanism is simply not known as yet though it is believed that there are certain stem cell discharging specific substance that help in activating the diseases. A majority of doctors and scientists feel that these cells have loads of potential to fix such problem hence the research on these to fix injuries and diseases inside the body is still on progress.

Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

If you call stem cell therapy as a treatment option, the doctors can prepare a detailed treatment plan for various treatment options. Once the treatment starts, the doctor will call the patient for the bone marrow extraction. Do keep in mind that this is nothing but a minimally invasive surgical procedure. After this the patient is strictly not allowed to consume the blood-thinning medications, while patient is advised to consult with the doctor before taking any kind of medication.

The procedure for stem therapy can be divided into three phases as discussed below:

  • Bone Marrow Extraction
  • Stem Cell Isolation, Analysis and Concentration in the Lab
  • Stem Cell Implantation

Now, let us get the brief of the same as below:

Bone Marrow Extraction: This procedure often takes half an hour to complete, which starts with local anaesthesia wherein the incisions are made to do the needful. This is done with the help of thin needle that is used to simply extract around 200 ml of the bone marrow.

Stem Cell Isolation, Analystem cellsis and Concentration in the Lab: In the lab, the stem cells are separated and then the doctor chromatographically separates the plasma and red and white blood corpuses. The cells are then cleaned and tested for its purity to carry forward the further step.

Stem cell implantation: In this method, the doctors have four different options to manage the stem cells. Generally in the intravenous administration, the doctor will use angiography to do the needful or can have options like using the direct injection in the assigned area or via the retrobulbar injections.

Stem Cell Therapy In India

India has become an important destination and stem cell therapy procedure is no exception. Medical tourists all across the world are seen flocking for the Stem Cell Therapy in India. One of the basic reasons, why the global patients prefer these treatments in India is the availability of high quality medical services at affordable cost. The cost involved in Stem Cell Therapy in India is often less than the ones in the US or the UK and the cost difference can go as low as 30-40 percent, which is really huge for anyone to consider the medical treatments in India. The Indian hospitals are backed by highly qualified doctors and surgeons who are competent enough to deal with these high end medical and health treatments. The health infrastructure of India is par with the ones found in the US or UK, which is known to cater high quality healthcare services as are equipped with state of art facilities. In other words, the medical tourists from different nations have all the reasons to flock for stem cell therapy in India.


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