Has Spine Surgery India evolved big time?

In the world of today one of the perennial problems confronting most of us is the back problem. Research is a testimony to the fact that at least 60 % of the masses encounter some form of back pain during their life time. For some of them the back problem may gradually reduce over a period of time with the help of medicines and mediations  while for others surgery may be the only option.

The Spine Surgeons in India are considered the best in the world. They have had their education background in the elite educational institutions of the country and have had their experience in the top notch medical centres of repute. In addition to this they have been part of several successful surgeries in the country which adds to the comfort level of the international patients. Since it is a complex form of surgery the patient looks for the safety and privacy factor which these surgeons are able to provide in the best possible manner. Even for the matter of the fact the surgeons who practice their traits in the country are of the highest order.

Spine surgery India has created new benchmarks since the early days when it evolved. It is a procedure where the surgeons who with the help of equipments goes out about repairing the damaged tissues. This can be related to the neck or the back and in a way can be referred to as the advanced form of medical treatment to relieve the patients from the pain. The patients more often are able  to resume their regular activities the day after the surgery is performed, but it is advised to lift heavy weights for a period of at least six months. After six weeks they can resume all their activities including taking part in sports.

ImageOne has to choose the Best Hospital India when they have chosen the country as the preferred destination. In this regard one can avail the help of prominent medical tourism companies and the name which comes across our mind instantly is Dheeraj Bojwani. They act as a guide at each and every step and avoids the hassles which when faces when they come to an align land. The philosophy of the company is pretty simple as for them the welfare and the safety of the patients are of paramount importance. This can be seen from the testimonies of the patients.

The country has constantly raised the benchmarks in terms of medical tourism when an evaluation is done with the western powers say the United States. The role of the government has to be complimented in this regard as the rules are pretty flexible when one chooses India. One of the prime examples in this regard is an international patient can extend their duration of their stay in the country by close to 180 days with a letter from the medical centre. Apart from this the ever booming tourism industry is also one of the forces of attraction for the medical tourists.


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